Automotive News in 60: F150 Raptor HP, Fire Risk Recalls and GM’s Opel

Truck fans don’t need to worry about engine
power when it comes to ford’s upcoming f-150 raptor. I’m jerry reynolds the car pro With your
automotive news in sixty seconds. Ford confirms the 2017 “raptor” will squeeze
out 450 horses and that’s more than the older model’s v-8 delivered. The added muscle is thanks to a new twin-turbo
v-6 eco-boost engine. Three automakers are recalling vehicles due
to fire risks. One Involves the Toyota Avalon, another the
Kia Forte, but the biggest one comes from Nissan The automaker is recalling nearly 500-thousand
rogue crossovers because an electrical short could cause a fire. Finally, buick may bring its version of the
“mini” to the states. The automaker confirms it may add the ‘opel
adam’ to its u-s lineup. Buick introduced the small hatchback in europe,
in 2013. I’m jerry reynolds the car pro! Have a great