Automotive News in 60: Apple VS Tesla; New BMW Z4

Ford calls a facebook post claiming the automaker
is hiring… a Hoax. I’m jerry reynolds the car pro with your automotive news in sixty
seconds. A blurb posted on a facebook account claims
ford is hiring factory workers, and it directs people to call a recruitment line.
But ford says it does not hire through social media and it had nothing to do with the post.
So could apple end up buying Tesla? That’s the question a lot of people are asking…
as Tesla meanwhile, reports short delivery times on its luxury “p-85-d” model s.
This week, apple shareholders told their CEO, they’d like Apple to buy the electric car
maker. Apple is reportedly already working on its own electric vehicle.
Finally… While the market for two-seater sporters is shrinking, don’t count out a
new bmw z-4 just yet. Bmw says it’ll replace its aging roadster
with a new “z-4” or “z-5” by 2020. Toyota is reportedly involved in the project.
I’m Jerry Reynolds, the car pro! Have a great week!