Automotive Marketing Success Story | See Results From Digital Marketing

My name is Charmagne Horn, and I’m the business manager of Harrods Creek Auto. We are an automotive repair facility with two locations. The business was opened in 1994. We really didn’t have a digital marketing program before RevLocal. The main benefits of working with RevLocal is the fact that it’s easy. I pick up the phone. I explain our situation; they take care of it. It’s one phone call and it’s done. We have seen some awesome results using RevLocal. We’re getting a lot more phone calls. We have cleaned up our Internet presence. When you type in our name, it comes up with our RevLocal site; it comes up with our website, and it comes up with all of our Google reviews. It’s easy, self-reliant. As long as you provide them the information, they provide you all the reports and feedback and all the information that you need. I would recommend RevLocal to numerous business owners.