Automotive Lighting and Vision Systems Senior Project 2017-18

(jazz music plays) – [Narrator] Lake
Superior State University, is located in Michigan’s upper peninsula, along the St. Mary’s
river, in Sault Sainte Marie. We boast a student to
faculty ratio of 16 to one. And are known for a hands-on
approach to education. Lake State’s engineering
program has majors in, electrical engineering, electrical engineering technology, computer engineering, manufacturing engineering technology, and robotics engineering. Electrical labs, a full
machine shop, and a world renowned robotics lab, allow for a hands-on learning experience, across all engineering majors. Automotive lighting
vision system, or ALVS, is a senior project capstone team. Our team has partnered with ESYS Automation. An engineering
and manufacturing systems integration firm, located
in Auburn Hills, Michigan. We have been tasked with
the unique challenge of, developing an adjustable vision system, which can detect the operational status, of select lighting elements on vehicles, in the manufacturing line. Our graphical user interface was created with an emphasis on user friendliness, to accommodate all levels of expertise, within the facility… Once
the camera is connected, the user is able to enter the information about the specific vehicle being assessed. As a test is performed,
the interface will generate three different images,
which may be toggled through, to help determine where an error occurred. All tests are logged, in an external file, and a user may access erroneous tests, by opening the built in error log. An additional search feature, allows the user to locate
all recorded tests, within their desired criteria. New vehicle models can be tested, after adjusting the
vision system controls, housed in the teach new models screen. The next steps for the
project are to be determined by ESYS Automation as they see fit. This may include refinement of the system, for use in client
facilities, or exploration, into additional tools and capabilities. The future is ripe with opportunity. (music)