Automotive Lifestyle/Histoire de Junction Produce & Takahiro Taketomi (FR-EN-ES) #13

Hello everyone I hope you are fine. Today’s video is about the history of Junction Produce and his president mister Takahiro Taketomi where I had the occasion to ask a few questions some months ago. I was very busy and I didn’t have time to make the video. And the time passed… We will start immediately and get into the thick of it. The video gonna be in 2 parts, There will be the story of Junction Produce from a global point of view. And after there will be a series of questions/answers with the CEO of the brand. Junction Produce is the first brand of the VIP scene, also the most famous and widespread. It was created in the early 1990s by Takahiro Taketomi in Japan in the city of Osaka. Where is located the main office, several shops dot Japan and other countries not even mention about the official dealers all over the world. Junction Produce make lot of differents car parts, body kits for cars mainly from japanese market but we find some european models as the Mercedes S-class (W126-140 220-221) and also the Bentley Continental GTC and Flying Spur. Without speaking about the Porsche Panamera and the famous Rolls-Royce Phantom. Several models of wheels whose main model is the Scara. Several exterior accessories, tail light, hood bonnet… Without forget the interior accessories as Tsuna and the Fusa who are very important in the japanese culture. You also have neckpads, pillows, curtains, steering wheel cover… and lot of other things. And also some merchandising as t-shirts, hoodies these kind of things. The latest achievements of the brand are a Volkswagen Arteon and a Lamborghini Avantador. What is VIP Style? (in a few words) VIP Style or “Bippu” in the japanese language has often been linked to Yakuza.It’s claimed that the VIP Style was created because of the gangsters who used European high-end cars as Mercedes S-class or BMW 7 series, brands who are very expensive in Japan ,more than in Europe. This kind of cars easily attracted the police or rival gangs. While sedans of Japanese market was more “passe-partout”. The real VIP only applies to a few models as Toyota Crown, Crown Majesta, Celsior, Aristo, Century. Nissan Fuga, Cima, President, Gloria, Cedric. Not to mention their equivalent in other countries of the world sold as Lexus or Infiniti. After you can find what is called “VIP inspired” on other brands or kind of cars as minivans, keycar, coupe and other. The main features are: black/white/grey cars, wide wheels, a body kit favoring the lowering of the car. (I forgot to say a car lowered too) We can also mention the addition of interior accessories. That’s it, I have summarized the things for you to visualize a little better about what I want to talk about. But back to Junction Produce who collaborated with several brands in recent years. And is always in favor of a partnership. We can cite the italian brand OZ who has created an exclusive wheel model some years ago: the OZ Scara. More recently we can note a collaboration with the brand Influenced VIP in the Philippines which produces locally under license some t-shirts and hoodies Junction Produce. Also a collaboration with the brand R1 Concept which produces big brake kit in different sizes. A model of Scara wheel is currently proposed with the american brand Inifinitewerks. Luxury Abstract other brand of the US scene launched a limited series of 25 wheels set Scara. Offered from 5800$ for 18″ up to more than 8000$ for 24″. Offered in different widths, finishes and colors. Neckpads are also offered, each pair is numbered and signed by Agim founder of Luxury Abstract and by Takahiro Taketomi. Hand painted leather tag completes the packaging as well as an exclusive box. And for 2019, we will all have seen the collaboration with Garson D.A.D, other famous VIP brand where several accessories will be realized. Actually there is a mirror and a indoor fragrance. The brand is also used to participate in major car events in Japan since their debut. We can cite the “Osaka Auto Messe”, the Tokyo Salon as well as various events of StanceNation. I gonna put you some pics… (finally I put 2 videos, was more easy). And as I said in the begining of the video, I had occasion to ask some questions to Takahiro Taketomi, CEO of Junction Produce related with the brand or not. I asked to him: How was the beginning of Junction Produce? Takahiro was the leader of a VIP team car in Osaka who was named “Club Final” 27 years ago which had no less than 200 members. Now this team doesn’t exist anymore but some members are reliving the past by putting stickers on their car to the effigy of this crew. In order to gain popularity he developed several parts such as body kits that were only intended for members of the crew, before being sold to the world because of the growing demand. Me: How you found the name and the logo for Junction Produce? Takahiro: Junction was the name of my old shop where I was selling car parts. the word “Junction” can mean the fact that a lot of cars are coming together. And “Produce” because I started to produce parts wich gave “Junction Produce”. The logo represents a husky from Siberia because my zodiac sign is the dog and my friend who draw the logo owned a dog of this breed. Me: What was your first car? Takahiro: Since I had 18 years, I had many cars. But during the creation of “Club Final” I was owner of a Nissan Cedric Cima Y31 Type 2 Limited. Me: The beginning of Junction Produce was hard for you? Takahiro: No because it was an extension of my hobby. The first piece I created was a steering boss. (adapter for install aftermarket steering wheel) Me: Before to be CEO of Junction Produce, what was your job? Takahiro: Since I graduated from high school, I worked in the financial sector and also architectural system. The salary was fine and it’s good because I wanted to have lot of tuned cars. Me: I listened own a big car as Toyota Aristo, Nissan Cima… this kind of things is expensive in Japan because the taxes, right? Takahiro: Yes indeed the big sedans are taxed about 900$ a year. Me: The VIP Style and big sedans are/were often associated to the Yakuza, still nowadays? Takahiro: Yes it’s true, but recently there is not so much Yakuza here. It’s more some “Bouryokudan” gang groups nowadays , but their numbers have dropped. Currently they don’t have really good cars. Me: For this question I a not very sure because the word “Bouryokudan” is also used for designate Yakuzas. Compared to the research I did on the internet So it’s to take with “tweezers”. I don’t know if in english this expression mean something lol Me: Can you talk about the Fusa? Takahiro: At first I didn’t want to sell the Fusa, it’s an object of Shinto Shrine. It has also been used for festivals since ancient times in Japan. Most Club Final members participated at festivals and as a sign of celebration they hung it on the mirror of my car what was published in VIPCAR Magazine. That’s when I was inundated with reader demand, everyone wanted the Fusa; so I put on sale the Fusa as accessories. And I had the opportunity to write several articles in their magazine. Me: Nowadays are Fusa and Tsuna still important symbols in Japanese culture? Takahiro: Yes because they are indispensable for Shinto rituals. Are very important elements from antiquity to the present day. Me: I made some little research for say you more about Shinto rituals. Shinto rituals are a central part of most of the national festivals in Japan, as well as more specialized events organized in shrines and other sacred sites. Most often, they are executed by male priests assisted by a woman official of the shrine called miko often shaman. The most common type of ritual involves purification, the symbolic purification of oneself or an object before interacting with kami (shinto gods). Purification is done with water (rinsing, washing, bathing) or with the priest’s wand. Other common rituals include the formal reading of prayers from ancient collections and the offering of food and drink to the kami (which is after shared in a common meal). Again, these tasks are performed by priests. These are community festivals that mark all kinds of things: seasons in nature, New Year, chrysanthemum flowers, cherry blossoms, events from Shinto mythology, Japanese history, agricultural traditions… Other Shinto rituals take place at smaller, more local or even private festivals. These mark stages of life, such as births, rites of passage in the first years of a child’s life, weddings and funerals. Me: I saw on Facebook you are used to participate in the festival regularly. Takahiro: Yes, it’s called “Danjiri-Matsuri”, one can see there tanks carrying wooden sanctuaries with the famous Kintsuna and Fusa. Me: What do you think about the current VIP Style? Takahiro: Now around the world, the VIP style is spreading and I am happy. From Japan, birthplace of Junction Produce and myself, I will continue to make it prosper. I would like to do VIP with more different cars. Me: Do you have plans for this year? For example new body kits for the current car generation? Takahiro: Yes I would like to develop new body kit however in a factory/foreign company from Japan. In addition I would like to create a mechanism to sell shares of the Japanese headquarters to the international agent of Junction Produce, it would be a system in which everyone can earn money. Me: I saw that recently you made collaborations with the brands Influenced VIP and Luxury Abstract … are there other collaborations to come? Takahiro: If a brand wants to collaborate with us, they can submit their project and we will give them a favorable agreement or not. Me: I would like to know what you think of automobile manufacturers who downsize more and more their engine the transition to the electric… What do you think about this? Takahiro: I think it’s a trend of the time. I think the VIP will continue even if cars become electric. Me: What are the best models for VIP? Takahiro: Nissan: Cedric, Gloria, Fuga, Cima, Infiniti Q45, President. Toyota: Crown, Majesta, Aristo, Celsior, Century. Lexus: GS, LS. Me: Which car do you currently have? Takahiro: I have a Toyota Crown S130, a Nissan Cima Y31, a Toyota Prius XW50 and a Porsche Panamera. Me: Last question, If you could buy the car you want in the world which would it be? Takahiro: For me would be the new Toyota Century. And we are already at the end of this video. I make the outro part after almost finishing the editing. Editing the video with Sony Vegas Pro. Took me more or less 2 weeks, knowing that I thought to do it in 2-3 days. And the time to finding the good pics, do the different slideshow, and also find the pics in report with what I am talking. It wasn’t simple and took me lot of times. After you have all the sounds to set correctly, knowing that there the video is not online yet. And when it will be online I gonna put the subtitles in spanish and in english. I think it will be at least a good weeks before the video is made public. It’s true, maybe there are things I didn’t think to ask to Takahiro Taketomi , on the moment we don’t think about all. If you have some questions you can put them in the comments, and if there are a lot I think it won’t be a problem to make a second part eventually. The next video will be about the brands Influenced VIP and Elegance VIP who are part of VIP scene in Philippines. It will come soon. I want to thank Takahiro Taketomi for the time he has gave to me for answer to this little interview. Was very nice, it’s someone really humble and sympathetic. anyhow if you have suggestions to improve the format of the video, don’t hesitate to post them in comments. I made the video as a slideshow, some little videos, under commented background and in music. I did the best I could. If you have ideas for improve all it will be welcome. If ever too you have your brand in VIP Style or other, or a crew or for example… How do you say… Owner of racetrack or anything else in report with the automobile world, don’t hesitate to contact me for make a little interview, to prepare a video will be very sympathetic. I think there is brands I could make …for my part without… without make directly an interview because I could find informations on internet. Indeed there is some brands who are not especially “famous”, for example who don’t have their own wikipedia or something like that. And it will be very hard to make a video without make an interview; to ask details for example The creation of whatever brand What happened, the beginning… this kind of things. If you liked the video don’t hesitate to like it and share it and also to subscribe for follow the next videos of this serie. A little reminder, next video certainly about the Philippines VIP Scene. There is maybe a little unboxing to come but it’s not sure it’s depends of my colleague. Here is my car, a Honda Odyssey RB1 equipped in Fabulous. Where will there be a video. But for the moment she is not in a good state for drive lol. So I don’t know when it’s gonna be ready. Bye everyone and see you soon for the next video.