Automotive Interior Trim Manufacturing at Valley Enterprises

Valley enterprises designs, engineers, and
manufacturers interior trim systems for the automotive industry. Some of the products that we manufacture
are load floors, cargo management systems, rear window
trims, seatbacks, rear quarter trim panels, and water deflectors. One of the things our
customers tell us is how impressed they are with the number of processes under
one roof. We’re quicker, we react faster, we bring things to the customer that they
want. We injection mold, we compression mold, we thermoform, we process urethane
such as Baypreg, and all this comes together with automated assembly. That
diversity eliminates any bias towards a single process or material. Baypreg is the benchmark of
technology in automotive. It is the strongest and lightest-weight composite
structure in the market today. We’ve expanded our own core in Baypreg and we
understand the technology between the honeycomb. We have different chemical
suppliers that we utilize for the urethane and we build and design our own
work cells for the Baypreg. When we’re confident in the product and
process, we’ll prototype certain designs at our own expense for our customers to
prove that their design works. And we’ve heard that they appreciate that because
it reduces the risk. I’m very proud of our quality team here at Valley because we
strive to meet and exceed our customers expectations. We ship eight and a half
million parts a year and we make sure that every part that goes out the door
has the best quality possible. I am extremely proud to work at Gemini
Group because of the team. Not just my sales team, but all of the plants that we
work for. It’s an amazing company. The culture here is family – 100%. And that
trickles down from our management all the way to the bottom. And I couldn’t be
prouder to work for a company that’s come from Michigan. We’re not
leaving Michigan. And everybody hustles. Without question, our biggest asset is
our people. Our seasoned and dedicated staff creates a unique capability to
serve our customers. They’re passionate about their job, whether it be an
operator or a staff member. It’s not just driven from the top down – they live and
breathe it from the bottom up.