Automotive industry – Solutions from Phoenix Contact

The car body construction department
is the most modern in the world. We ensure dimensional accuracy
on the finished car body. We are responsible for surface quality. And we ensure fulfilment of crash requirements. Which means that high technical complexity requires high technical know-how. Maximum system availability is very important in car body construction and is the equivalent of maximum cost efficiency. That means optimum system utilisation
with low servicing and maintenance effort. The systems used must be flexible in order to respond as optimally
as possible to new requirements such as increased numbers
or product modifications. Customer proximity is particularly important in order to understand their needs. We are dealing with products,
managing time and bottlenecks in delivery. The flexibility of our systems
is ensured by IT-powered automation and thus we rely on modern network systems and the flexibility made available
by the engineering system to achieve a corresponding increase
and extension of the system. Phoenix Contact supports us during the
planning of all car body construction phases. From the creation of a concept through IT security or Ethernet structure up to startup. The customer expects technology
and system expertise from Phoenix Contact. Of course, it continues with staff or operator training after startup. The car body construction dept. uses the complete control technology
from Phoenix Contact. From main controllers including the integrated safety controller to compact controllers, the entire Bus design and cabling up to the classic modular terminal block. Service and support are crucial to this production system because production systems are built to a technologically high level. As the system supplier, Phoenix Contact has the know-how and supports the customer at any time when problems or downtimes occur. In the future, Phoenix Contact can continue to contribute by being present in the automobile industry. We will take on the challenge and plan more interesting products
together with the customers. Milestone dates or discussions on technology proved that the right contact was always there to deal with important topics. Whether development or product design,
the appropriate experts were always present. This was noticed and very well received.