Automotive Ethernet link segment compliance

Hi I’m Carrie Browen, an application
engineer here at Keysight Technologies. Autonomous vehicles promise to change the nature of commercial and passenger transportation over our roadways. For example camera and radar require a much higher data rate than the back planes
that are used in the cars today. Automotive Ethernet can handle that
faster data rate but you’ll need to be concerned about compliance testing for
transmit/receive, as well as the harness and connector
within the car. You could go without that compliance testing and it might just work – until it doesn’t work, or you have a problem integrating to your OEM or there’s just a high failure rate. In order to avoid that complication, you
want to try and do compliance testing before you integrate the vehicle or
before you integrate to the vehicle. We’re gonna take a look specifically at
the harness and connector Automotive Ethernet test today. We have a setup here of a network analyzer. This is a 20 GHz network analyzer with an option TDR. We’re going to use a cable as our device under test and we’re going to take a look at the automated software that Keysight has for harness and
connector Automotive Ethernet. This setup is not new. You can today walk through the IEEE specification and manually set up your network analyzer to
run these tests. The test setup and the test result analysis is tedious, especially cross-talk measurements. Furthermore each test items have different test limits. What is new and what I want to show you today is the Keysight application that can automate this test process. This is the main GUI window for the new software and the test items are listed here There’s three different tests for harness and connector testing: the cable tests, the connector tests and the whole communications channel test. I’m gonna select one to show you, the connector test. Here you would you see into the test you have the start and the stop time. You would select measure and then check compliance. I’m gonna – that check compliance button would automatically generate a report. I’m going to show you a report that I have previously captured from another test run and this is from the cable test where you can see the pass/fail results against the IEEE standards. And when we go back over to
the ENA window, we can see on the right hand side the S-parameters and the
frequency domain and the pass or fail criteria against the IEEE
standards and on the left hand side is our time domain with the characteristic impedance profile as well as an inter-pair skew profile. The software will generate a pass/fail report for test items. It will save the test data in a touchstone file, a .csv file or with a screenshot. Keysight is fully invested in
the creation of a complete solution for automated testing of Automotive Ethernet. For example the link segment testing that you just saw. The foundation here was our Keysight E5071C Network Analyzer, plus the E6963A Automotive Ethernet link segment solution. That together will give you an automated setup for compliance testing for harness and connectors. And that setup could save you thousands of hours and enable your ability to deliver high quality products.