Automotive door panel repair

Got a broken piece here that came off
the door panel show you how to repair that really easy so here we go with it
in place that is the tricky part get everything lined back up OK here’s where it was and
as you can see right here there’s some plastic rivets that they melt into the
door panel whatcha gonna need for this job is a soldering iron I like these
Weller’s really good and they put out a lot heat They will do a good job for you. so this is
what I recommend you get two clicks on this use the first click and that’s the
hottest setting. So you come in here with your gun Ok we come in here with our
gun got it all heated up push in let off let it cool down a little
bit then come in right behind it Stop just make a we’re gonna make a circle
all the way around OK we are gonna put one right down the middle Let that cool down a little bit make sure this stays together you may have to move it a little bit while its
cooling Ok I am going to come in right here in the middle Ok that should hold it together Ok come over to this other one over here just kinda of go around in a circle let that
cool down just a little bit we’re gonna do the middle again let it cool do it one more time and should be able to just snap in your
little thing here if it is in good Ok we are going through the middle just one more time Now you are ready to install this piece and ready to go.