Automotive Disruptors to Watch

John, thank you for being with us today. It’s really a pleasure to have you here. There are four megatrends that are really directing the disruptors in the industry today. We have autonomous driving. We have electrification. We have digitization. And we have mobility. When the market thinks about those megatrends and those disruptors, is there anything else that they should be
more focused on? – No, I think the topics that you covered
are the ones that they should be keeping an eye on. We can get into more specifics in any one of those. For example, when we talk about mobility services, one of the hottest topics is data monetization. Apple, Google, they don’t make money selling phones. They don’t even make the phones. In fact, they don’t even really make a whole lot of money selling their operating system. It’s by scraping the data off those phones, and be able to do deep analysis into it, and then be able to sell that information. Well guess what? The same thing could happen with autonomous cars. Data generated by the cars themselves and the environment they’re going through, and data generated by the people inside there, which some have suggested could be as much of a $750 billion-dollar-a-year business by 2030. So from almost zero to $750 billion in no time. Suppliers and auto makers alike – probably even dealers – could play a role in that. John, can you speak a little more around electrification? – I’m a gear head at heart, but I love electric cars. Why? Because you can plug in at home in your garage And so you leave the house every morning with a full tank. Right now, there’s roughly a dozen electric
car models in the market. They represent maybe 1% of total sales. So we’re going from about 12 models in show rooms today to, if you believe the car companies and what they’ve publicly announced, 120 battery electric models in show rooms within three years’ time. I really don’t see them catching on with the public for about another decade. So late 2020s, 2030, that’s when I think electrics will start to catch on.