Automotive Business Intelligence Solution

Real World Analytics is a market leader bringing data-driven decision making to the automotive industry in the most safe, secure and direct
way. Our motor industry experts have designed a solution to help you get transparency of
your business while increasing margin and improving cashflow.
You are loaded with data and spend a lot of time and effort collating reports, trying
to get the information you need – at which time, it may be out of date and decisions
are then made on gut feel. Our Solution pulls from your CDK DMS system
and integrates this information with any other data source such as budgets, targets, and
national statistics. This data is enriched and all of your main KPIs are displayed on
one visual dashboard. Track your sales and margin performance against
targets across New and Used Vehicles, Parts and Labour. Manage vehicle and parts stock
across your group. Benchmark dealerships and their staff on their KPIs in order to motivate
them to do their best. Automated reports are delivered directly to
your team’s inbox, so they can access the information anywhere, at any time, on any
device. Everyone in each department has the right information at the right time to do
their job more efficiently. One version of the truth for your dealership. The solution is designed so that you can see in seconds what is happening in your business. Identify problems and act quickly to resolve them See where profit is leaking out and drill down to the detail to find out why We unlock the power of your data. By empowering your managers with the information they need,
they can focus on growing your business and increasing revenue. Your business will benefit
from improved workflow, embedded efficiency, and faster more accurate decision making.
Join the thousands of businesses across multiple industries who are using their own data to
drive their business further and boost profitability. Become a data-driven dealer group now.
Real World Analytics. Visit our website. Or submit your email now and let’s discover
your potential together.