Welcome to Widiopedia – the world’s first
video encyclopedia. An automobile is a motorized road vehicle
used to transport people or goods. The main purpose of the car is to perform
transportation. It moves mainly by land. In developed countries, automobile transport
plays a leading role compared to other means of transport. Most modern cars have four wheels, liquid
or air cooling of the engine and internal combustion engine. Hybrid cars are also being developed. The first engine car was created in 1885 and
it is considered the first modern car. The first racing car was produced in 1900. 46. Car mass production started in 1901 in the
U.S. For the longest time the U.S. had a leading
role in automobile mass manufacturing, but Japan became the leader in the 1980s and China
took the spot in 2009. Automobiles can be divided into categories
by size, body style, propulsion system, engine type, engine fuel type, engine positioning,
drive type and by layout. Most automobiles run on gasoline and it makes
a negative impact on the environment. Modern cars are equipped with additional features
in order to improve efficiency and comfort. These include air conditioning, safety features
(air bags, seatbelts, etc.), lighting, navigation, entertainment elements, etc. Thank you for watching! You can find and upload your own scientific
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