Automobile Trauma

“Hi, my name is Sam Davis from the law firm of Davis, Saperstein & Salomon. Automobile trauma is responsible for more hospitalization, more injury and death in the United States than any other cause. It’s important that you understand the significance of your injury when you’ve been involved in a car wreck. What do I mean by that? Now I’m not a physician. I’m an attorney who’s been in practice for
about thirty-five years. and what I have seen in that time is so many clients who wished that after they had been injured, that they had took their injury a little bit more seriously. Why is that? Because in many instances injuries to the neck, back, other joints and particularly the brain do not show their seriousness right away. There are many other examples of specific
injuries that we are going to discuss in this series, but I can give you some general guidelines
and that is Number one : if you’ve been injured, seek medical attention, even if you’ve come home from that wreck and are feeling horrible and experiencing things you just didn’t feel
at the scene, go to the emergency room. Make your first appointment with a physician shortly after you’ve been hurt. You don’t ever want to be accused of not having been truthful about your injuries because you waited so long. Lastly, if you have any question about your injury after you’ve been seen by your doctor, feel free to call us. We’ll be happy to answer them for you. Thanks again. I’m Sam Davis from Davis, Saperstein and Salomon and this has been the Automobile Trauma Minute.”