automobile in Korean CF 2019 #1 [english subtitle]

Son, come to dinner~ [sound mood lamp] [10.25 size navigation] [maximum output 204 / maximum torque 27] Create a new standard New Performer SOUL BOOSTER Because the car is wide, it does everything else. Gosh… The world is getting better. Elegantly spacious Your business Master Renault Master Where can I buy? Renault Homepage?
[Book sales on] [RENAULT Passion for life] Wanna be a Hero? I am Iron Man KONA Iron Man Edition How to get focused
[Camaro Inspired Design] Run without interruption
[Camaro Inspired Power. Best-in-class output 253] I learn how to move firmly.
[Camaro Inspired Balance] Malibu, learns Camaro Stylish Performance Sedan, THE NEW MALIBU CHEVROLET, FIND NEW ROADS [Hyundai PALISADE] [Always Remarkable] Life is short The deck is long. To make your heart beat one more step. Rexton Sports Khan released WILD & WIDE REXTON SPORTS KHAN To me want to distinguish between when to run and when to stop LEAF says… [Think simple] [possible with one pedal without separate accelerator and
brake : E-Pedal] All-New Nissan LEAF SIMPLY AMAZING Now, if the Lexus ES300h has captured your attention Up to 60% used value after 3 years LEXUS VALUE + ES
[LEXUS VALUE + Reward Guarantee Program to add value to you] the new ES closer to you When your stability is great working your precision When your precision is great working your inner strength When your inner strength is great working your dynamic When your dynamic is great keep on working
[Never stop improving. The new C Class.] I do not hesitate to be new. The new IONIQ New Evolution Beyond Change
[Advanced Evolution] Peugeot SUV
[2019 PEUGEOT SUV] More powerful
[new engine and automatic transmission] More specifically
[Enhanced driving sensibility] More newly
[New convenience specification] Advanced Evolution 2019 PEUGEOT SUV Oh, new PILOT! It’s so wide?! Check here, here! Here! Here again! V6 engine and Button-type transmission?
[Maximum output 264, V6 engine, 9-speed automatic
transmission] It’s amazing! It’s easy to board with one switch…
[Walk-in Switch (2 rows)] Hello good daddy Hello PILOT