Auto News: You Don’t Have to be A Superhero to See Through This Semi

I’m Jerry Reynolds the Car Pro with your
automotive news in sixty seconds. If Samsung has its way, you could one day
see through the semi-Truck in front of you. It’s working on technology that uses wireless
cameras to stream live video of the road ahead… onto video screens on the back of the truck. It gives drivers behind the semi a real-time
view of oncoming traffic, even at night. We’re getting our first look at the 2016
Camaro drop-top. The big news is the fully automated roof – no
hand twisting required with this one. You can also open and close it while traveling
up to 30 miles an hour. Plus, the top hides neatly beneath a hard
tonneau cover in the back. I’m Jerry Reynolds, the Car Pro, have a
great week!