Auto News: The Return of the Wagon

I’m Jerry Reynolds the car pro with your
automotive news in sixty seconds. Well, let the new era of the wagon battles begin! This
week, Mercedes confirmed it will bring its new E-class wagon to America. The 2017 “e-400”
is based on the new “tech’d out” E-class. The three-row, 7-seater arrives in early 2017.
The all-new Volvo V90 also arrives next year. It will be offered with Volvo’s new performance-enhancing
“polestar optimization package” which will also be an option on the S90. Finally,
the long-awaited Porsche Panamera wagon should finally get here in 2018. It’s based on
the second-gen Panamera sedan that Porsche just teased this week. I’m Jerry Reynolds
the car pro.