Auto News: Single Cab Nissan Titan, Last Aston Martin DB9s

I’m Jerry Reynolds the car pro with your
automotive news in :60 seconds. Nissan’s Titan pickup family is getting
bigger. The automaker will soon roll out the line’s
first ever single cabs. One for the half-ton Titan with a gas v8 engine
— and one for the Titan XD, which offers the cummins v8 diesel. The 2017 models will arrive this fall. Nissan is also working on a king cab model. It’s the end of the road for the Aston Martin
DB9. The last 9 supercars recently rolled off the
production line. Aston martin will soon launch the new db11
in its place. It’s built on a new Aluminum platform and
will feature the brand’s new 5.2-liter v-12 good for 600 horses. I’m Jerry Reynolds the car pro. Have a great week.