Auto News: Shelby American Unveils 750+ HP Super Snake

Get ready to lay your eyes on the newest Shelby! I’m Jerry Reynolds the Car Pro with your
automotive news in sixty seconds. This week, Shelby American unveiled its 750-plus
horsepower 2015 Shelby Super Snake. The modified and supercharged Mustang comes
with a $55,000 price tag. Drool bucket optional! Some cool sets of hollywood wheels head to
auction this month. The last fully intact “kitt” — a 1982
Pontiac Trans Am — from “Knight Rider” is up for grabs. So is the “Hell’s Chariot” from grease. It’s been signed by Olivia Newton John. This “General Lee” 1969 Dodge Charger
from the “Dukes of Hazzard” comes with autographs, too. I’m Jerry Reynolds, the Car Pro. Have a great week!