Auto News: Porsche Mission E, Audi E-Tron, Ford Focus RS

Porsche is finally coming out swinging in
the electric-vehicle race. I’m Jerry Reynolds the car pro with your
automotive news in sixty seconds. Porsche just debuted its very first all-electric
vehicle, the mission-e, designed to take on Tesla. The 600-horsepower sports sedan is due out
within 5 years. Meanwhile, Audi’s new all-electric SUV is
confirmed for 2018. It’ll go up against Tesla’s model-x, which
hits the road this month. And how’s this for power! The new 2016 ford focus rs will hit 62 miles
an hour in 4.7 seconds! The hatchback delivers 350-horses and starts
at just over $36,000. I’m Jerry Reynolds, the Car Pro, have a
great week.