Auto News: “Ole Yeller”, Mercedes Goes Golfing, Ford Super Duty

I’m Jerry Reynolds the car pro with your
automotive news in :60 seconds. Ford isn’t joking around when it comes to the new 2017
super duty. The automaker says it will offer best-in- class towing, Horsepower, and torque.
It goes on sale this fall. Mercedes is taking golfing to the next level, with its new carbon-fiber
golf cart. The high-tech concept is decked out in wood and leather. And of course comes
with a mini fridge. And meet ford’s latest aviation themed car, “ole yeller.” The
562-Horse mustang is the most track-ready, road-legal shelby gt-350 ever. It will be
auctioned off to benefit youth aviation programs. I’m Jerry Reynolds the car pro. Have a great week.