Auto News: NHTSA Chrysler Probe, Self-Driving Semi, ’61 Ferrari

I’m Jerry Reynolds the Car Pro with your
Automotive News in sixty seconds. NHTSA is looking into whether a Fiat Chrysler
recall did the trick last year. It involves nearly 900-thousand Jeep and Durango
SUV’s recalled due to a sun visor wiring issue.
The agency’s received reports of eight fires that occurred in repaired vehicles.
The world’s first self-driving semi is on the road.
Mercedes-benz is now testing its autonomous “freightliner inspiration” on Nevada’s
public roads. It can drive itself on the highway, but will
still have a driver behind the wheel, to maneuver in city and urban areas.
Finally, if you have around $14 -mil, then we have the car for you.
This 1961 ferrari 250 gt california spider heads to auction this month.
The model is only one of 16 with open headlights. I’m Jerry Reynolds, have a great week.