Auto News: Mercedes X-Class, Mini Countryman Hybrid, Top-Selling SUVs

I’m Jerry Reynolds the car pro with another
edition of your automotive news in :60 seconds. Say hello to the next-gen mini countryman. Longer and wider, it’s the biggest vehicle
in the brand’s history. It will also be available as a in plug-in
hybrid for the first time. The 2017 countryman lineup is due out next
year. Mercedes-Benz is showing off its first ever
pickup. It’s called the “x-class”. The midsize truck screams Benz inside and
out. It will launch in Europe, Latin America and
South Africa next year. As of now no announced plans for it stateside. And here are your top three selling midsize
luxury SUV’s so far through September. The Lexus RX, Mercedes GLE, followed by the
Acura MDX. I’m Jerry Reynolds the car pro, have a great