Auto News: Mercedes GLS, Hyundai ‘Genesis’, Mazda CX-9

I’m Jerry Reynolds the car pro with your
automotive news in sixty seconds. Mercedes-Benz is rolling out its new flagship
SUV. It’s the 2017 “GLS”, a facelifted version of the existing “GL class”. And folks, this 7-seater is huge. Deliveries
start in march. Hyundai is launching a stand-alone luxury
brand. It’ll be named “Genesis” after the sedan, which will be renamed the “G80”.
The premium lineup will also include a new version of the Equus — or “G90”. Expect
six models by 2020. Finally, Mazda is getting ready to unveil
its next-gen “CX9.” The three-row, midsize, family hauler will debut at this month’s
LA auto show. I’m Jerry Reynolds the car pro.