Auto News: Ford Teams Up With Sony, Aston Martin’s Revamp

I’m Jerry Reynolds the car pro with your
automotive news in sixty. Ford and Sony are turning the 2016 Explorer
Platinum into a concert hall on four wheels. The SUV will get Sony’s new in-car audio
system that uses high-tech acoustics to reproduce the sound quality of concert halls.
It was once only available in Aston Martin is getting ready for an overhaul. The company says it’ll replace every model
in its current lineup by 2020. Plus also add three more new models. Meanwhile, it could build its new “DBX”
crossover here, in the US. Finally, this shocker. Elon musk almost sold
tesla to google. That’s what’s reported in a new book,
due out in May. The deal would’ve gone down in 2013, when
Tesla’s finances were in big trouble. But then things turned around with the model
S. I’m Jerry Reynolds, have a great week.