Auto News: Best Of What’s New Winners, Top-Selling Cars

I’m Jerry Reynolds the car pro with another
edition of your automotive news in :60 seconds. Ford, Chevy and Mercedes-Benz are among the
automakers taking home a 2016 “best of what’s new award” from popular science magazine. ultra-light carbon-fiber tires on the Mustang
Shelby GT-350-R get a nod for their innovation. As Does the 2017 Chevy bolt, which pop-sci
dubs the “EV for Everyone.” meanwhile, the Mercedes e-class gets props
for its vehicle-to- vehicle communication system. now a look at the top three selling cars so
far this year, Through September. the Toyota Camry leads the pack, Followed
by its sibling the corolla and the Honda Civic. I’m Jerry Reynolds the car pro, have a great