Auto News: All-New 2017 Land Rover Discovery

I’m Jerry Reynolds the car pro with another
edition of your automotive news in :60 seconds. I think this times out for first paragraph
to end right before crowd shot. Well you have to hand it land rover. It sure knows how to make an entrance. It recently unveiled the all-new 2018 discovery
at a star-studded, stunt-filled event that involved a lego tower bridge and, of course,
water. The fifth-generation family hauler
seats seven with optional third row seating and you can use a smartphone app to remotely
control the seating configuration. the new discovery also offers two powertrains
– one of them a 254-horse turbo diesel v-6. it also sheds 1,000 pounds from the outgoing
LR4. It goes on sale from mid-2017 for starting from around $51,000. I’m Jerry Reynolds the car pro, have a great