Auto News: All Hail Audi’s RS3; Cadillac’s Next-Gen SRX

It’s looking like Audi will bring its performance-minded
“RS3” to the states. But don’t expect the European version. I’m Jerry Reynolds, the Car Pro with your
Automotive News in sixty seconds. Audi is all but confirming a US version of
the 5-door 367-horsepower “sport-back” that recently launched in Europe. But America will likely get a 4-door compact
sedan variation of it. Meanwhile, Audi says the US will see the “Q8”,
after its European launch in 2017. It’s a higher-end version of the redesigned
“Q7”. Cadillac’s next generation “SRX” will
probably make its debut this fall, with a new name. It’s expected to be called the “XT5”. Sales of the “SRX” are down, but it remains
Cadillac’s biggest seller in the US. Cadillac also plans to bid farewell to its
“ELR” hybrid coupe. I’m Jerry Reynolds, the Car Pro, have a
great week.