Auto News: $125 Amphicar Ride? Sign Us Up Please

Jaguar kicks off production of its new XE
sedan. I’m Jerry Reynolds, the Car Pro with your automotive news in sixty seconds. Jaguar started building its new entry level
sedan this week. It will have a 75-percent aluminum body. The BMW 3-series rival will
go on sale in the US, next year. Acura’s new 2016 RDX is arriving at dealers.
It starts at $35-grand…and gets a slight bump in power over the 2015 model. It’s
3.5 liter v-6 churns out 279 hp’s…that’s six more than its predecessor. And want to ride in an amphicar? Then head
to Disney world. That’s where a new restaurant is offering $125-buck rides on one. Only roughly
4,000 of these “bimodal” land and sea machines were built back in the 1960’s. I’m Jerry Reynolds, have a great week.