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(car engine revving) – It was the first car to
successfully challenge the M3 and the C class. It was the car that could translate Audi’s all wheel drive rally
dominance into luxury sales. It was powerful enough to bring Audi back from the brink of bankruptcy and just like Nolan it has
endured for over 25 years. This is everything you need
to know to get up to speed on one of my favoritest cars, the Audi S4. (beeping) ch. (upbeat music) And now a quick word from our sponsors. This episode of Up to
Speed is brought to you by Epic Games, that’s right baby. Fortnite, you already know what it is, hit the link in the description below and start playing for free. Where we dropping boys? So, in 1965 Volkswagen
resurrected the Audi Badge after a two decades long
absence in the car market. VW bought the company
to use their factories to assemble Beetles, but Audi engineers had other plans. Behind the scenes they were like, guys Volkswagen wants us to build bugs, but we don’t vant to
build the car of z people. We’re engineers, we vant to engineer a better car. I know, we vant to build a cool car that is sleek and fast
and not round and weird. Then das is vas we will do. Hans. You promise? Yes, I promise. So as VW was prepping their
plants for Beetle production, Audi hire ups decided they’d
rather ask for forgiveness than permission. (gasp) And they started building the Audi without Volkswagen’s knowledge. And you wanna guess what happened? Uh, yes. It paid off? Yes! Alright. VW loved the car and
approved it for production. And how can you blame them? It looked great and had almost three times as much power as the Beetle. By 1972, Audi had established
a solid reputation with a succession of
Sedans like the Audi 72, 75, 80, and Super 90. In 1984, the introduction
of the all new Audi 5000 shot sales through the freakin roof. The aerodynamic luxury
car increased profits for the company by 48%
and Audi was on a roll. Just like me on New Year’s. (chuckles) But the optimism wouldn’t last, shortly after the 5000’s debute. Some owners started
claiming that their cars had taken off at full throttle, while their foot was planted on the brake. How could zis be? What ze heck is going on? Six deaths and seven
hundred accidents later, Audi was swimming in lawsuits and the engineers didn’t have any answers. They couldn’t find anything
wrong with the car. America news show 60 Minutes aired a damning report on the 5000 which included testimony from Audi owners who had experienced the
“unintended acceleration” for themselves and
interviews with Audi execs. Audi announced they
would install brake shift interlock devices in every 5000, which kept drivers from shifting without their foot on the brake. 60 minutes conducted a test to
see if the new feature worked and to Audi’s complete surprise, es funktioniert nicht. But they got conned, one of the “experts”
conducting the tb test had drilled a hole into the transmission and connected a bottle of compressed air that shifted the car
from neutral into drive. What? What kind of crooked sorcery is this? – The bad kind. – The test was rigged, but audiences didn’t know
that and the damage was done. So what caused the acceleration? People were stepping on the gas, when they thought they
were it was the brake. What? (chuckling) The 5000’s brake pedal was
smaller than people were used to. – That’s what she said. Or he said. – And it was a little
closer to the gas pedal. So great, it wasn’t their fault. They shouldn’t have to
pay anybody out, right? Well they did anyway. And to make matters worse, BMW, Mercedes, and Lexus
had all but destroyed Audi by the early 90’s. The total number of Audi’s sold in the US dropped from 75,000 in 1984
to only 12,000 by 1991. At which point, ba-lay-ger. Who that works with me
thinks I can say that word? At which point beleaguered
5000 Sedan was retired. Audi was down. To stay afloat, the
company needed a life raft. A car that could reestablish
their role as a leader in luxury performance. By 1991 a young American
designer by the name of J Mays had made his way from Maysville, Oklahoma to Audi and he brought with him a little thing called insight. He was like, “guys Americans are gonna want
a car that looks like this.” And while he wasn’t the only
designer to work on the car, his opinion mattered a lot
because he was American. And Audi needed Americans
to like their cars. Enter the Audi 100 C4. Mays reminded everybody that in the 80’s Audi had found racing
glory with their group B dominating er quattro. But the production model quattro coups weren’t big sellers. Maybe if they tossed the same kind of performance recipe together, in a more practical Sedan body style, people would buy more of their cars. They were like, “zis guy might be American, but he wears glasses and
zat means he’s smart, just like the Nike from
America, let’s do it.” In 1991, Audi unveiled a
high performance version of their venerable 100 C4 Sedan calling it the S4. It used the same 2.2
liter turbo inline five they relied on since 1985, only it’s output was bumped
way up to 227 horsepower, in a Sedan. That was unheard of in 1991. The S4 came standard with Audi’s famous quattro all wheel drive and it was one of the quickest Sedans of it’s time, going zero to 60, in about 6 seconds. That beat the rear wheel drive only M3 which was still just and inline four making 192 horsepower. (blowing raspberry) Then, BMW was like, “okay we gotta new M3
it’s got a straight 6 and 282 horsepower.” And Audi was like, “phh
let’s make an S4 plus model with a V8 and 278 horsepower.” Audi was challenging the
ultimate driving machine, for compact luxury Sedan
supremacy which is not a word I like to use when
talking about German wars. (gulps) While still an underdog in the car market, Audi started to find
solid footing once again. The second generation S4
made it’s debut in 1997 with a modern new look and a drastically different power plant. A twin turbo 2.7 liter, 30 valve V6 engine sent 262 horsepower to all four wheels with a six speed manual. And for the first time you could get a five speed tiptronic automatic. – Huh, that’s lame. – This all inspiring Audi, you
might know by another name, it’s the B5 S4, the B5 S4
is by Audi fan boy standards the ultimate S4. It’s power figures blew
people away at the time. Over 250 horses in a luxury Sedan. Are you nuts? All it took was a chiptune and boltons to boost the power numbers
out of the stratosphere. Even cooler, was the B5 S4 Avant a fricken Station Wagon. In 2003, the third gen
model S4 took no prisoners and roared in the market with a smooth but tough 4.2 liter, 40 valve V8 making a whopping 339 horsepower. Critics praised the snarl of the engine and the suspension that “seemingly contradicts various laws of physics.” The S4 was securing it’s place as a leader among kick ass performance Sedans. In 2005, Audi released it’s fourth gen S4, which was pretty much a light refresher on the previous model. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Am I right? Production of the fifth
gen S4 began in 2008. In a bold statement, Audi
replaced the previous V8 engine with a more compact and powerful 3 liter, 333 horsepower V6. This was Audi’s first
modern super charged engine and it put the S4 in
direct competition with the BMW 335 I. The car reached sero to 60 in 4.4 seconds and maintained the S4’s
trademark cornering capabilities. The sixth and current gen
S4 was officially introduced at the 2015, Frankfurt Motor Show. This single turbo,
luxury performance model, has been described as a
354 horsepower rocket sled! (sled igniting) It’s sleek styling and smooth ride, complete the perfect Audi picture and continue to make the
Audi S4 a formidable opponent for other cars in it’s class. It is no exaggeration to
say, that the S4 helped save Audi from the brink. With a modern focus on
technical innovation, safety, and plain old kick your butt off, Smashmouth performance. The S4 still puts fear into the hearts of it’s enemies and it’s drivers. It’s understated, it’s
ferocious, it’s the Audi S4. Thank you to Epic Games and Fortnite for sponsoring this
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