Audi e-tron Defined: Battery & Charging

I think one of the major topics for our e-tron’s that we see the charging
itself has to be smart, and charging is a very important topic for the e-tron. My name is Reinhard Peer and I am responsible for the charging program at Audi. For me I’m working at Audi since 2011 on charging topics. Since then we have 22 electrical engineers working on charging. We decided to have a very fast charing system,
we decided for the 150 kW system. My name is Max Zoepfl, I’m responsible for the
project coordination of our charging topics. This is quite unique, the normal standard is from 50 up to 110 or 102 kW. We decided we wanted to go a step ahead and set a
new limit so we decided we want to go for the future with 150. And you have to imagine that whole techniques behind the cables,
the contacts, and all the stuff around the cooling of the high voltage system. Regarding the cooling system, It’s really important the the cells are
always in a stable temperature area so they don’t like it if it is too cold or too hot. My name is Andreas Noest, I am responsible for the
development of the high voltage battery for the Audi e-tron. We have 105 kW charging so it is also very important that you have
good cooling system, that you can charge the car within 30 minutes to 80%. But the battery system is manufactured by Audi. We decided that we use prismatic cells and pouch cells So prismatic cells are like little boxes, and then you have
also the other version which are called pouch. That are little pouch backs, we call it. We had to find solutions to bring these different kinds of cell
formers into the battery, that we are flexible and can use both of them. Regarding safety we put a lot of focus on the battery housing so we have a really
strong metal frame from aluminum that we put around the whole housing of the battery. And we put also a lot of seat box between the the different sensors
that the whole battery system is really strong in different crash situations. Additionally it’s really part of the whole body of
the car and it increases the stiffness for the whole car. For me as a young engineer I could really get my
ideas involved in the Audi e-tron project. For me it’s a pretty nice thing because we have lots of colleges
working together here so it’s kind of a teamwork project. Not many are young engineers that have such a
huge influence that makes me very proud. You have really the best Audi quality in the car and additionally it’s not
the classic combustion engine car it’s really a real electrical vehicle.