AT&T Drive Studio: Dedicated to automobile innovation

Before it was delivered to the dealer, before it was parked in the showroom, before arriving at its new home, this car’s connected future started here at the AT&T Drive Studio, the first wireless carrier design center
dedicated to automobile innovation. The Drive Studio is where AT&T, technology partners,
application developers, and automotive manufacturers research, collaborate, and develop
new, advanced, in-car experiences accelerating innovation from concept
to reality, straight from our auto bays. With our AT&T Drive platform, fast, reliable, connected car services
are available in more than 200 countries and territories, and complexity is simplified, easing the process
of managing connected vehicles around the world. From integration with apps in the cloud to conducting usability studies for
new technologies like speech recognition to new features that help improve safety,
security, diagnostics, and entertainment and millions of connected cars on the road today, AT&T helps manufacturers reinvent the automotive industry. Now drivers experience a new car that together, with our automotive
suppliers and technology alliances, was connected here