Athens Public Transportation – a CYA guide

Hi everyone welcome to Athens my name is
Cheyenne and I’m here today to show you around the Athens public transportation
system. The public transportation system here in Athens is great it is so cheap
and it can get you basically anywhere you want in the city so here I am
outside of CYA in the Panathenaic Stadium Plaza here in the Palaza we’re
super centrally located so across the street we have the National Gardens we
have the Acropolis just far off in the background and Syntagma Square is a
short walk away which is where we’re gonna go to catch the metro. The Athens Metro has
three lines the green red and blue lines and these three lines alone will take
you into the different parts of the city from downtown to Piraeus. The blue line
also includes an airport stop every 30 minutes. The metro system is open from
5:30 a.m. until 12:30 a.m. and the red and blue lines have extended hours on
Fridays and Saturdays. The athens metro system is great honestly for me the
hardest thing about adjusting to this new metro system was calling it the
metro and not the subway. It started in 2004 for the Olympics that were held
here in Athens so it’s easy it’s modern and it’s very clean and accessible. I’m here at Syntagma Station
which is the closest station to the CYA academic center at the station you can catch both the red line and the blue
line and it will take you anywhere from the airport out to Elleniko and Anthoupoli to any other station here in Athens.
One cool part about the athens metro system is that you can actually see
archaeological remains just within all the subways it’s kind of like a free
museum within the city but it’s a lot of the artifacts they found when they were
excavating So here in the station I’m going to buy
my tickets. There are two different options students have for purchasing
tickets paper tickets from the kiosk or the plastic card which can be
purchased at the ticket counter and be refilled at the kiosk or online. For
short-term stays it is easiest to simply buy the paper tickets but if you’re
going to be in Athens for the full semester you can get the plastic
rechargeable card that allows you access to reduced cost to get this card you
need your passport and your US University and CYA ID’s this here is a
ticket kiosk you can change the language to English and then on the next slide
it’ll show you the different types of tickets
so usually you click the buy travel products then on this page you can buy the
different types of tickets so there’s the airport bus and Metro tickets which
you can use to get to the airport at an additional cost and there’s also the
Athens area ticket which is what we’re gonna buy this page is where you
actually buy the ticket so you can buy tickets ranging anywhere from one-90
minute ticket to ten-90 minute tickets and you get one free or you can buy a
24-hour or a five day pass I recommend just buying the 10 plus one trips but
today I’m actually gonna just be buying a 24-hour ticket and then on the next
page you can pay they take both cash and card and then your ticket will get
distributed right there Time to go. I’ve got my ticket and in order to use it,
you simply tap it and walk through and that’s how easy it is So I’m going to be going to Anthoupoli Which is the direction of the
National Archaeological Museum Be sure to check the machine when you tap it because
that’s where you can see how many rides you have left and when you get on the
train make sure that you always keep an eye on your things because that can be a
good spot for pickpocketing And just like this we are on the Metro platform While you are waiting you
can always check to see
when the train is coming Here’s the train, Let’s go! so I already mentioned that the tickets
are cheap but they’re a 1.40 Euro full price price or 70 Euro cents half price. Here we are at Omonia Station. Just like when you
enter the station, to exit the station you’re gonna have to tap
your ticket to get out. Just like that after that short walk we just made it to the National Museum. Yay! I’m ready to go explore are you? So I just went through the
museum it was amazing as always my favorite Museum in Athens
just some things to note about the metro system and the bus system here there are
apps that you can download so a couple of them like move it the Google Maps app
the OASA app is good for the buses but there’s also apps that will just show
the subway map I like to use these they’re really great for kind of helping
me figure out what way I need to go but when you’re actually on the subway make
sure that you’re looking out for the last stop on the line that you need
to go on because that’s gonna be the direction that you need to go. I’m about ready to go and
hit up the bus slash trolley system so before we do that
let’s learn a little bit more so the trolleys are the ones that are connected
to the electric wire the buses are not so the trolley system stays more into
the central Athens but the buses can go out further a lot of the times what we
take in Pangrati is the trolley because there’s that system right on Eratosthenous and on the street out in front of CYA as
well so that’s what I’m gonna be taking back it’s super easy and you use the
same card that you use for the subway system. You can always like I said check
the OASA app to see when the bus is coming
it’ll show about when the bus is coming remember to take into consideration that
traffic happens so the buses don’t actually sell tickets so make sure that
you have rides on your paper ticket or on your card before getting on the
trolley and it’s the same price as the Metro. Here I am at the bus stop the bus
stops here maybe really easy to know if you’re at the right one because most of
them have signs here you can see that the signs show which stops it’s going to To get back to CYA we take the to
the 2, 4 or the 11. You can also check these signs and it’ll show you when the
each one is coming I just have just jumped on the bus number 2 this bus is gonna take
me back to CYA. To use the bus ticket it’s gonna be very similar to how it was
on the Metro you just tap your ticket, it’ll say successful and and you know
you’re good the buses and trolleys typically run from 5:00 a.m. until
midnight but hours can change depending on the line, the season, the day of the
week so make sure that you’re checking the apps to see that those buses are
running The stop we have to get off is called Mets Just got off the bus When you get off you don’t have to worry about
tapping your card because you only have to tap that when you get on the buses so
super easy to get on and off the bus super fast and super convenient
especially being at CYA. And just like that we’re back where we started
back in the stadium so thanks for following along and I hope you have a
little bit of a better understanding of the Athens metro system and
public transportation thanks for following along and we look forward to
seeing you in Athens soon