APX Boston 2018: Cars & Karting With YouTubers @ The Automotive Personalities Experience

Alright so I spent about five dollars on raffle tickets won about $400 worth of stuff! Check out this new Rode shotgun microphone. I’m talking into it straight now, rotate it, and now it’s facing away from me. You won two rounds already, will you be able to maintain the championship? No! She’s just hoping she doesn’t have another accident. I’ll just ??? It’s ya boy 802 Garage in the ??? with Sarah! ??? ITS YA BOY! So tell me a little bit about it, how long have you had it? So actually this car’s been in the family for a long time and I joke a lot with people, my dad actually traded in an E30 M3 for this car. Oh wow! So… He admits it’s one of his bigger financial mistakes. I mean, anyways… The car was in the family from brand-new. Basically, when I got it, it wasn’t running at all… DoctaM3! Too much ego… The CRZ! Wait… Supercharged!