ams Mobile Solutions

The evolution of mobile devices is constantly
opening new possibilities. Next generation applications will redefine
the way we perceive the world. We are ams, and our world-renowned engineering
team enables us to offer a broad range of cutting-edge sensors that allow manufacturers
to simplify their design, increase security while enhancing their user’s experience. We are taking our industry-leading 3D sensing
to the next level, using all three 3D technologies to cover front-facing as well as world-facing
applications. In fact, ams offers components, modules and
complete solutions in all state-of-the-art technologies. Sensors from ams have the smallest form factor,
achieve outstanding performance, are optimized for precision and accuracy and are tuned for
highest energy efficiency. Energy-saving modules like 1D Time of Flight
for Object Detection and Presence Detection through Flood Illumination, enable a new generation
of mobile device applications. Our groundbreaking 3D Sensing Modules used
for Face Recognition Systems are eye-safe – and enable important features including
high security levels, ease of use and fast response time. We provide 3D sensing solutions to power front-facing
applications – as well as world facing applications like 3D object scanning or augmented reality
for convenient online shopping or gaming. As the trend goes to all screen – otherwise
known as bezel-less smartphones–, sensors need to be placed behind the OLED display. ams´ Color and Proximity Sensors meet this
challenge and enable operation under lighting transmission conditions of only few percent. xyz color sensors are precise enough to copy
the light perception of the human eye – enabling device manufacturers to provide superior quality
imaging and paper-like display performance. A key trend in mobile devices is the move
to professional-quality photography. The back-side of a mobile device houses high
resolution sensors for Flicker Detection and Auto White Balancing for Camera Enhancement,
Control of Multi-Color Flash LED and Light-Source-Detection for Augmented Reality-Rendering, where ams
technology is key. Additionally, our spectral sensing technologies
enable new usage cases in e-commerce markets with advanced color matching and skin tone
analysis in mobile devices. Manufacturers of smart audio devices continue
to push the limits in sound quality while adding innovative features. ams is the worldwide leading supplier for
active noise cancellation – with analog and digital solutions that detect the surrounding
noise profiles and can suppress or augment environmental sounds on-demand. ams sensors can make a flood of new features
like volume control through gesture sensing come true. With advanced technology, our POW:COM solution
allows simultaneous battery charging and data exchange with only two pins, compared to multiple
pins as the industry standard. These are a few important examples out of
numerous future technologies, how ams sensors power the mobile sector with new ideas. Through expert sensor technology in areas
such as 3D, Photography and behind OLED, ams technology enhances user experience, security,
and enables simplified design. Contact us and find out more about our portfolio
of sensors.