All the Sanics – Rad Mobile – 2 – automobile

Oh man, here we go! Uh, okay. So, strictly speaking… This game kinda omits, like, a lot of the rules I set up– No, except that doesn’t make any sense, because I kinda removed all of the rules, except for two: Uh, game has to be officially licensed or made by Sega… And, uh, y’know, the whole name thing. And this ignores one of those rules, and maybe you can see why. Let me put some money in this machine– Woah, you can put a lot of credits, check it out. I put so much money in my… RAAAAD MOBILE! So… But I feel like it was important to add this game… …and there’s one and one reason, and you [????] Oh yeah, I gotta remember how to play this…through MAME. Uh, the reason is the top left corner, where there’s a little sprite dangling about. Cause that’s right, Rad Mobile, as far as I can tell… …is *the* first officially licensed, or, y’know, made by Sega game… …that features the image of Mr. Needlemouse, even before Sonic the Hedgehog, like… …obviously Sonic the Hedgehog was in production at this time… …but we got an early cameo from him right here– woah, what’s going on with this bridge here? Oh, geez, alright. So, um…help, this is hard to control. So, uh, round 2! We’re in the Mohave(sic) Desert now, somehow, I don’t know how I got here. “Beware of oncoming car!” Alr– Oh, geez, wait, we’re doing this in TRAFFIC?! This is VERY ILLEGAL! RAD MOBILE! So, Rad Mobile was one of those arcade games, y’know, where, like… You would sit in a car pit, a– woah. …cockpit, and you would have, like, a big ol’, like, driving wheel and things… Like, the whole driving experience. I’m just letting the gas pedal on at all times here. Maybe not the best idea, but my car is essentially invincible. So… it’s all good! Why were your headlights high like that…during the day? I’m going to…die. Anyway, yeah, this is the first appearance– like, normally I don’t– I won’t play a game just because it has, uh…Sonic as a ca…cam– cameo. I’m right there! Please… NOOO, why did my…my windshield explode? Okay, if I continue a run… Okay, I have to restart, it looks like? Aaaah, I wanna keep trying. Cause this is…I like racing games. “Beware of oncoming car.” Geez. Like, you gotta still er- woah, geez, this– Okay, so… Em– Emulation of a racing wheel is…pretty special. Playing with a joystick, and, like, to go forward, I need to hold “up”? But, uh, when I lose control, man, like, maybe if I actually did not just hold gas forever it would help. That’s a very high probability. So, yeah, like, a game, if it just has a cameo of Sonic, like, naturally… …like, that’s not enough. Like, that wouldn’t count, but this is the exception ’cause it’s the first time! It’s the first time he exists, he has a chain drilled through his brainpan! OH, GEEZ!