All-New 2020 Ford Explorer – First Look and Details from the 2019 Detroit Auto Show | Edmunds

unveiled a brand new Explorer, and we’ve got all the details. [MUSIC PLAYING] Ford just unveiled
the all new Explorer. And the keyword here is more. More fuel economy, more safety
suites, more things standard, and more family friendly. They’re more different varieties
of Explorer available than ever before, including two
different EcoBoost engines, four out of six. And then we hear maybe a
hybrid, and the Performance ST. We’ll find out
more about those later. In the presentation,
Ford made a big deal about how it really
wants customers to make use of everything
that the new Explorer offers. And that includes technology
like an embedded modem, so that up to 10
different people can be connected to the Wi-Fi. It’s got a big touch
screen in the dash, and it has a very large
digital dash for the driver. So you can adjust
all those things to see whatever information
is important to you, both as the driver
and as the passenger. Plus, everybody in the back
can connect whatever they want so that they’re having fun. Or maybe they could just
look out the windows. That’s also an option. Comfort is also a big
deal and usability. So Ford redesigned
the second row to make it easier to
get into the third row. And as someone who has reviewed
a lot of three row SUVs, that’s important. When Ford says the
Explorer is all new, they really pretty
much mean all new. I mean, it’s a new global
architecture, rear wheel drive, it has new sheet metal, and
a more aggressive styling. And again, more of everything. More tech, more performance,
better fuel, economy better looks. What’s not to like? We’re looking forward to
getting a closer look. For more information on
the new Ford Explorer check back with
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