ABLIC Introduction to Hall effect IC for automotive S-57P1 S Series

This is an introduction to the automotive 150°C operation hall effect IC S-57P1 S Series. The S-57P1 is an automotive bipolar hall effect latch IC which operates at 150°C and achieves high-sensitivity and high-accuracy magnetic sensitivity. In addition to the use of standard 3.0 mT magnetic sensitivity, by utilizing high magnetic sensitivity of 0.5 mT, this IC is able to efficiently control motors by minimizing the delay in phase of the rotating magnet and hall IC output. Moreover, the S-57P1 achieves a high accuracy of ±1.0 mT at all magnetic sensitivities. Due to its superior output timing, this IC realizes stable rotation control of brushless motors. The S-57P1 S Series is a high-sensitivity and high-accuracy hall effect IC which operates at 150°C. This product makes low vibration motors possible, which allows for the production of more comfortable automobiles.