A PERFECT TESLA MODEL 3?? Ceramic Coating and Paint Correction Results

– Alright guys, we’re back at Elite Finish ready to pick up Tes. There’s been a lot of
work that they’ve done her and I’m excited to see her. They won’t let me back in there yet, they’re getting everything set up. So, the next thing you’re gonna see is my reaction checking out
Tes after a ceramic coating, Cquartz Finest, and polishing,
and the paint correction, all that kind of stuff. So, let’s go check it out. (smooth beat music) Alright my man. I’m ready. – You excited? – I’m Super excited, but I
think it would be helpful to explain what you did and kind of what I should hope to see here. – We did a heavy, heavy paint correction. So, we ended up having to
do quite of a bit of extra compounding or heavy polishing. The guys spent a good solid couple of days just basically correcting
out some of that. Went through a really long
jeweling out of the paint with our final polishing to
really bring up the high gloss. Then a chemical prep, which
is probably called eraser, it’s a pretty cool
product that CarPro makes. CarPro is actually the
manufacturer of Cquartz. So, they have this prep
solution that we use to make sure that the
paint is perfectly clean and will accept that coating. So, we applied two coats of
our Cquartz Finest Reserve, which is our top tier.
– Nice, nice. – We want you to have the best, so. – Okay, should we go take a look? – Yeah, let’s go take a look man. (smooth beat music) There she is. – Wow, I didn’t even recognize her. I was like, I was
thinking it was over here. What do you know? Oh my God, look at this man. Wow, dude, man. That is perfect, that’s exactly … Yeah man, and that haze is like gone. – Yep. – She is wow. – You can see the
reflection in the lights, it’s a lot more of a crisp reflection. – Yeah. Wow man this looks unreal. – And we put on, in this
visit, we put on a sealant after we cleaned the
wheels we put a sealant on them for you. Then the interior we did
a really thorough vacuum and wipe. That’s standard with any of
our ceramic coating services. That sealant is actually
all over the glass as well as the door jams too. The next time you’re driving this in the rain you’ll actually notice that the water will kind of
shed off a little bit better. So you can see the interior of the car. As you can see we fully
vacuumed everything up. This is a cool little feature
that CarPro has come up with. So, this is great no matter
what brand of vehicle you have. Anytime you’re taking
your car in for service, after you’ve had a service
like this performed. It’s nice to give them a little verbal or written warning, that
hey I’ve invested a lot in the beautification of my paint. Please don’t wash it. So, we hang this little
warning tag from the mirror and that helpful. We also have these,
these stickers here say protected by Cquartz. Again, because we’re some
where between about 450 and 500 Teslas that we’ve detailed. The service center sees
that sticker and they know. – And if I understand
right, the Cquarts partners are all over the country.
– Yes. That’s at Cquartzfinest.com you go to the authorized installer I think it says find an
authorized installer. – So, we’ll put a link
down and you know to that if you guys aren’t in San Diego. If you are in San Diego, then obviously this is
where you’re coming. But, if you’re not then
people can find out how to get the same service. Then once they get it. How do we clean it, how do we maintain it? – Let me go grab some of
that beautiful wash mist and premium towels, and we’ll get to work. – Alright, let’s do it. – Alright. – Thanks. (Smooth beat music) Okay, how are we doing this? – So, okay this is wash mist. This is the ready to use formula. So, when you’re using your kit you’re gonna have your spray bottle, and the way that I give
it to you in the kit it’s already ready to go. – Okay.
– Okay. Then, we do have a bottle of concentrate that comes in that kit. Where you’re literally just
squeezing out one ounce of concentrate. I have a little cool
little self measuring piece I’ll show ya. And you’re putting that in
this bottle when it’s empty and filling the rest with water. Ideally, like distilled or filtered water. So, all I’m doing here is just spraying a fine enough mist so
that all the dust is damp. Now yes, if the car was really dirty I would spray a little bit of water. But, not a ton. – But, not a ton. – And you’re not throwing this in a five gallon bucket of water. – No, notice I’m holding all
this loose ridge right here. I’m holding this side so
that the towel doesn’t come unraveled. I’m just gonna let the towel
just float over the surface. If you kind of notice, at the end of each at the end of each stroke I kind of turn it just a little bit. What I’m doing is I’m
making sure that the fibers stay laid down. – So, you don’t want it to switch over. – Right. – You want it to stay whatever direction you’re using at that time. You’re not going back
you’re turning, okay. – Exactly. The first wipe that you just saw me do is the first half of what
I call the prep wash. So, you’ll see that
there are some streaks. – It’s still kind of wet. – Yeah, a little bit wet. There’s a little bit of murky streaks. So, this second pass, I’m just gonna spray just a little bit. Now, I’m gonna flip to the
clean section of the towel. Now, that there’s no loose dirt I can apply the tiniest bit of pressure. Basically, the weight of my
hand and I’m gonna wipe out so that now all of the
streaks that are left are clean streaks, not
dirty streaks, okay. Now that the prep wash is complete we’re gonna take a fresh
towel, and literally that’s it. You can see that, right here
just this small little bit of, yeah I call it a spritz. – Okay. – Just a little spritz. – One spritz.
– one spritz. Then I’m gonna take
the towel and basically wipe out that damp area. And you see as I finish wiping it out now it’s just perfectly crisp. – Perfect. Alright guy, well hey, thanks for checking out this video. West you’re awesome, you guys finished and did an amazing job with Tes. Check the description for all of the links to everything we talked about. Including their series of videos and how to do, how to understand the stuff in a much more detailed level because I think that it’s important. I think that if you’re
buying a premium product which, any Tesla is. You ought to know how to take care of it. I feel like you’ve put me in
a place of kind of confidence. So, thank you. – You’re welcome. – Alright, see you back here next time. (smooth beat music) – Stand right here and just look at this, look at the sun. Hey come this way. See that? See how clear that is? – Hold on, hold on, hold
on let me get, hold on. Dude. – Slide this way you can see
the sun right in the panel. – I can’t even, no hold on
I need sunglasses man, wow. So, no, no, no. (laughing) Wow. – Now here, come check this. – I think this is where
you gotta do the review. I mean it looks good inside, but damn. I mean that’s … – See how you get the same thing. You can see that look of the sun. – Yeah, whoa, whoa. You can really see the contour there too. That is unreal, I had no idea. Like how do you do that. – I have some very talented detailers. – Yes you do. – They kind of care about what they do. Just a little bit. I wanted you to meet the team. So, Ramel had to go, he’s
actually tuning his car today. Isn’t that awesome. And Jason’s off photographing
some other cars. This is Jarrod, Jarrod’s our shop manager. This is Kevin, he’s the project manager. This is Chris, he’s been our
lead detailer for two years. Ramel was apart of this too. Jason helped out a lot as well. So, yeah, we all want to
thank you very much dude. – Dude, no, absolutely. Thank you guys, this is amazing. I’ve always felt like this was
a strikingly beautiful car. But, now it truly is, this
is a whole nother level. Wow. Like this car for this price
shouldn’t look this good. You know what I’m saying? – We’ve gotta get back to work man. – Thank you so much. (smooth beat music)