8 Means Of Transportation You Must See

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whole new world of science and fun this era is full of booming technology the
transport system has also been revolutionized comparing to the past
decade some of the great companies out there have developed innovative products
today we will see some amazing means of transportation that will change the way
humans travel so sit back relax and enjoy the show number one black fly the
concept of this flying car has been a speculation in the market for a very
long time now however black fly is similar to a flying car it is developed
by a Canadian company called opener which is funded by one of the founders
of Google Larry Page black fly has been developed after ten years of consistent
efforts and hard work their product is not available yet for sale however the
company is planning to produce this product on a massive scale in 2019 the
price of black fly remains a mystery however it is estimated that it will be
similar to the cost of an average SUV black fly has the lifting capacity of
around 113 kilograms and can reach a top speed of a hundred kilometers per hour
having a flight range of 40 kilometers it has another spectacular feature that
it can land on both water and land black fly even has an autopilot system and is
quite easy to operate it is the ultimate science-fiction dream that is coming to
life number two skew Oh school is a new generation modern design
wheelchair which has a solid rubber track system allowing it to walk up the
stairs as well skew oh is developed by the Swiss Federal Institute of
Technology and Zurich University in Switzerland with the sub bouncing
technology the chair can also move through snow ice and services with small
stones the chair can be controlled with simply a joystick attached to the
wheelchair or also with their own body weight and body movements skew weighs
around 220 pounds and has dimensions of 26 by 41 inches it can easily move
through obstacles and can reach a maximum speed of around 6 miles per hour
on flat surfaces the price of skew is still not confirmed yet number 3
IE VX in today’s world the future of traffic and transportation systems is
still unknown due to the high traffic rising population booming fuel prices an
increasing number of vehicles on the roads traveling from one place to
another has become a hassle and is quite time-consuming IE VX is an electric and
stretchable car which provides solutions to all of these problems with 18 years
of research this car is developed with a 60 watt integrated solar panel has power
retractable side mirrors wide-angle rear-view camera a 7-inch touchscreen
display full LED lighting system and a steel chassis with aluminum body panels
the car is compact in size ie 31 inches wide 63 inches long and 53 inches high
and can be adjusted for travelling of 1 to 3 persons
expanding the length of the car up to 90 inches ie VX is 6 to 7 times smaller
than a medium-sized car allowing it to make its own way swiftly through the
traffic ie VX can travel up to a speed of 45 km/h and how
a power reserve of 50 kilometers the cost of this car is around one thousand
four hundred fifty dollars number for Peugeot Peugeot is an electric bike um
scooter shaped vehicle that is developed with the objective to solve traffic
congestion problems usually these electric vehicles can cost up to
thousands of dollars however not with kugo it can speed up to 25 kilometers
per hour and has a drive range of 25 kilometers or 15 point 5 miles when it
is fully charged it can take around 2 to 3 hours to fully
charge will go having a low weight of 34 kilograms kugo
can carry adults with weight up to 120 kilograms for 264 pounds it operates on
a lithium ion battery has a 3 disc brake system and a dashboard on the front
which shows the charging level of the vehicle Kujo is extremely comfortable to
drive around it’s also easy to learn and operate moreover cuckoo is available in
5 different colors so users of different ages can choose accordingly number five free fly alta eight board
surfing drones have now been developed for several purposes such as aerial
photography geospatial analysis image capturing in oil gas and mining
industries where there is a possibility for human life endangerment for hunting
down other trespassing drones firefighting traveling etc however free
fly all to eight board surfing drone is one drone that can be used for surfing
as well as it has the ability and capacity to pull a person along the
water despite its modest size the drone is 1.1 meters long and can
rise up to a height of 300 meters it is an agile and high-speed drone which can
reach a maximum speed of 75 kilometers per hour number six penguins submarine everyone
would love to see God’s architecture which is the underwater sea life and the
colors of nature right however this can only be done either by a submarine or a
professional diver and an average person hardly ever sees underwater life in
reality penguin submarine is the solution to this problem it is a semi
submersible boat which has an underwater cabin to sit and enjoy the view of the
underwater sea life without the risk of getting wet or drowning the boat uses an
electric motor weighs around four point three tons and has acrylic material for
the windows allowing around 92% of light transmission it has the capacity to
carry about 35 to 40 passengers and is usually at tourist sites like the
Maldives number seven per mo mo is the like an
environmentally friendly hoverboard shaped equipment that can be used for
the traveling purposes and populated areas where there is high traffic’s her
mo is made up of carbon fiber and 3d printed aluminum and is made by 2x
engineers of BMW and Tesla it has two 14-inch wheels and it’s AI technology
allows super smooth turning and steering it’s only six point five kilograms and
weight has a top speed of 15 km/h and takes only two hours to fully charge it
has a travel capacity of up to 20 kilometers when fully charged another
benefit of Mo is its folding feature which allows it to be carried anywhere
with you for those who have no hoverboard riding
experience it will take a maximum of five minutes to understand and master it
the cost of Mo is 2200 dollars number eight kangaroo meet kangaroo an electric vehicle
designed specifically for people that are on a wheelchair currently the cost
of this car is twenty five thousand dollars however the developers are
working on it to reduce the price and to make it further affordable the car has
no seats inside neither any pedals or any gears in the center it has a main
steering wheel which is similar to that of a motorbike on the right-hand side
there are some push buttons such as engine kale reverse gear button and so
on ken guru provides easy mobility allows a
person to enter the vehicle from the back side or trunk of the car comes with
the seat belt for safety of the driver and the car can reach a speed up to 25
miles per hour and is quite compact in size allowing for a physically disabled
person to travel easily within the city by avoiding traffic congestion thanks
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