8 Best Mini Vehicles For Kids!

hello car enthusiasts
welcome to TTI nowadays many kids easily get bored just by playing video games or
watching movies kids also want some cool cars but they don’t know how to get it
so sad well this video will make you happy because today we’re going to
explore some of the most amazing and exciting cars which will make you dream
to go back to your childhood again and play with them number eight Mercedes
Benz M 63 everyone has equal rights I mean kids have the same feelings and
emotions to have their own Mercedes sedan
however Mercedes Benz understands kids very well that’s why they introduced the
most realistic car called model 63 which is specially designed for children of
the ages between two to five years old the model 63 has the realistic front and
rear lights open herbal doors adjustable seatbelts and a rechargeable battery
other than that it has excellent spring suspensions in the front and back for a
quiet comfortable ride a trunk a built-in FM radio and an mp3 media
player with USB connectivity besides the car also has a parental control feature
which allows the parents to control this car remotely or to monitor child’s
activity for the safety reasons but this car will cost you 360 dollars that means
you can easily purchase it on Amazon number seven Power Wheels Ford f-150 this model is specially designed for
young car enthusiasts from the age of three to seven years the Power Wheels
f-150 models replicates every little detail of the SUV Ford f-150 this
kid-sized replica is the battery operated vehicle with space for two
riders and comes fully loaded with a real FM radio with mp3 jack
it’s large rugged wheels are not only designed to drive on wet grass but also
on hard and uneven terrain safely and efficiently at a speed of five miles per
hour but in reverse gear its max speed is 2.5 miles per hour moreover all seats
are equipped with seat belts which ensures the safety of young car
enthusiasts it also has parental controls which limits the speed and
controls of the brakes unfortunately you can buy this car for $370 number six mini truck the world of toy
electric cars pleases buyers not only with stylish passenger cars but also the
truck lovers put this kind of real toy truck this mini truck is designed for
two children especially large models have a roomy enough cabin where it can
even fit an adult the toy model is equipped with a horn so
that the child can get used to the role of the driver and feel at the wheel of a
real truck and most of these models are produced in Brazil so unfortunately we
couldn’t find out their price so sad number five BMW i8 if you know BMW then
you surely also know how luxurious they are get ready to rule in the superior
style with the roleplay 6-volt BMW i8 this is the concept right specially
designed for kids of ages between three to eight years it is a single seater
ride and moves at a speed of 2.5 miles per hour in the forward and reverse
directions it also has an adjustable seat belt for the safety of li’l riders
and two butterfly doors which open vertically just like the real thing this miniature version comes up with
stylish and luxurious details like real working LED headlights a realistic
interior detailing such as cupholders an elaborate dashboard or horn and great
engine sounds it also has an mp3 cord and loudspeaker well it’s the perfect
choice for young riders who already know luxury number four Luke Skywalker’s landspeeder
for Star Wars fans introducing the Luke Skywalker’s a land speeder by the
company Radio Flyer with this Star Wars 12 volts land speeder our little fans
can go across the planet and can transform the back garden our Park into
intergalactic roads this kid sized the model comes up with seats for two riders
of Ages more than four years old the vehicle features movie realistic details
from the look of the vehicle to the sound effects kids can hear different
sounds when they press the five light-up buttons on the interactive dashboard
besides kids can enjoy an immersive and galactic driving experience
however the land speeder can go to its maximum speed of five miles per hour and
you can buy this fantastic land speeder for just 375 dollars number three the
Tesla Model S for kids introducing the Tesla Model S exclusive
for kids it’s the first flight speed lithium ion based car created by the
innovative company Radio Flyer and collaboration with Tesla it provides a
large power reserve and allows it to quickly recharge
unlike other similar cars which need about eight hours to charge up whereas
the Model S only takes three hours to get fully charged so of course it
provides more playtime to your little car enthusiasts as compared to any other
car in the market also it’s noteworthy that the charging connector is in the
same place as the fuel filler cap of the same ordinary car so the process looks
and feels like real refueling besides this mini Tesla Model S is
similar to the adult car with customizable features like a
personalized license plate a special protective cover and has a button that
shifts the gears so kids can enjoy and control max speed with two settings
three miles per hour for beginners or six miles per hour for advanced drivers
the Model S also has a music player system and you can buy this car for your
kids by spending just six hundred dollars number two McLaren p1 this
miniature hyper car lets your child go from zero to five miles per hour an
absolute jaw-dropping style in just two seconds this model was inspired by the
famous hybrid McLaren p1 it’s modest size is equipped with the latest
technology such as 12 volts motor and a long lasting battery the model also has
a USB port FM radio receiver and aux cord shockingly this car has a working
AC for those kids who easily get dehydrated due to the extremely hot
summer heat this car even has functioning back lights and some
hydraulic Pistons to operate the dahi drill doors just like the real thing
this electric car is designed for children up to six years of age to drive
around and equally enjoyable for parents too moreover it’s a wireless remote
control allows parental control for safety purposes apart from its size this
compact model differs from the actual McLaren p1 and it’s
chasity and it’s lower-cost the good news is that you can buy this mini car
for about $500 and its assembly is simple and only takes 30 to 40 minutes number one go bowen if you are a racing
lover then let the adventures begin with your very own electric go-kart with a
new upgraded brushless motor this electric go-kart is introduced by the
company big toys Green Country Go Bowen is the hottest machine on the market for
your little car rider from the ages between 6 to 10 years old this machine
features a powerful 48 volt battery system as well as the new high torque
upgraded brushless motor which gives a smoother ride and quieter performance
this high powered go-kart has three speed limit modes of seven fifteen or
twenty miles per hour the car also has a parental key to control the speed limits
of this go-kart a chain drive and big 13 inches all-terrain tires put the motors
power straight to the ground for maximum grip while hydraulic rear disc brakes
with vented rotors offers fast smooth stopping power to both the rear wheels
it’s also equipped with an advanced intelligent battery charger with a full
diamond tread plate for four-point seatbelt and an easy grip steering wheel
this go-kart costs you around eight hundred dollars so let’s enjoy your ride
and full racing style thanks for watching so which car do you
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