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Paw Patrol lovers, listen up! Here are the 7 most awesome Paw Patrol vehicles! Keith’s Toy Box! Number 7! The Paw Terrain vehicle! Roll with Ryder and the pups through the jungle in this loaded all-terrain vehicle. It comes with a baby panther that the team can save with their pal Matteo the parrot. Pop Ryder onto the driver’s seat, Matteo on the roof rack, and load the baby panther on the back and you’re good to go! A paw badge button on the dashboard can be pressed to activate real vehicle lights and sounds. No place for the baby panther? No problem! The vehicle’s back cover also serves as a temporary shelter until Ryder and his team can bring it to safety. Plus the back is even spacious enough to load two racers or one vehicle. All these make the Paw Terrain vehicle perfect for all your jungle adventures. Number 6! The Mission Cruiser! Turn mission impossible to mission possible with this vehicle and launcher in one. Load up the pups in their mini vehicles into the Mission Cruiser, then push the side door and launch the pups to save the day. Pressing the button on top will activate sounds and phrases and trigger the pop up screen. Inserting the included animated mission card takes you and the pups on an exclusive mission to complete. There’s even a special place to land Sky’s cycle and extra space at the back to bring the rest of the team to all your Barkingburg-inspired missions. Number 5! The Air Patroller! Land vehicles not enough? Then take all your missions to a higher level with this lookout in the sky. It’s a two-in-one vehicle that can transform from an airplane to a helicopter by rotating the propellers. Press the button on top to activate real lights and sounds. Plus, it comes with a Robo Dog figure to pilot all your air rescue missions. Load up the Paw Patrol team in the cockpit and the cargo bay. You can fit two in the cockpit and up to four in the cargo bay. That makes six pups or the entire team, making the Air Patroller a most uplifting toy. And now that we have land and air vehicles covered, we still have something missing which brings us to number four! The Sub Patroller! Dive with the pups into all their underwater adventures with this newest Sea Patrol rescue vehicle! Rotate the fins to go from sky to sea and switch from hover mode to sub mode. Don’t forget to lift the periscope to launch life rings and save the day. Load the pups in the back and in the cockpit and you’re good to go. Then press the button to activate awesome submarine sounds and alarms. Number three! The Paw Patroller! This Paw Patrol classic is the vehicle that started it all. You can rotate the badge and open it up to reveal the spacious interior of this lookout on wheels. Then, once open, you can load up to six vehicles using the real working elevator. Then, press the button for real Paw Patroller sounds. Load up Ryder and Robo Dog to drive the vehicle and have all the other pups join them. Now, the Paw Patrol is literally on a roll. Number two! Marshall’s ultimate rescue firetruck! This latest addition to the Paw Patrol family of vehicles is the ultimate rescue truck. With a ladder that extends up to, guess how tall, two feet and flashing lights, it’s ready for anything! To activate, simply lift and pull. Then, open the top to let Marshall leap into action. Plus it comes fully loaded with a water cannon launcher, a mini fire cart and a mini fire hose.
But still this vehicle doesn’t come as loaded as Number one! The Sea Patroller! It’s the ultimate rescue vehicle that is so packed with fun and adventure that it bagged the Toy of the Year Award! Ryder and the pups can save the day in both sea and land by transforming it from a ship into a land vehicle in one smooth motion. Just slide the bridge forward and the wheels pop out, transforming it into not just any kind of vehicle, but an all-terrain vehicle. It also comes with a special Ryder figure in a wetsuit and his own ATV There’s room for all six pups on the deck and up to two vehicles in the main hold. Plus, the perfect landing spot for Skye’s vehicle. With lights and sounds, it’s equipped with everything you need to sail the high seas, including a life saver launcher, a handy crane and cage that’s perfect for rescuing the baby octopus, a special holding pen to keep it safe, and the detachable anchor. Transforming it back into a ship is just as easy. So, whether on land, sea, or air, you can be sure that the Paw Patrol will be there! So those are the seven most awesome Paw Patrol vehicles. So, what do you think about this list? Make sure to tell us in the comments below. Thanks for watching Keith’s Toy Box and remember to subscribe for more videos.