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friend number seven snow freighter and Overland train in the midst of the Cold
War the Letourneau company developed several Overland trains essentially
oversized semi-trailer trucks that could travel almost anywhere this machine was
a preventive step taken by American military’s on the probable threats from
Russia the snow freighter also known as Model BC 22 as a 274 foot long train
with the locomotive cab and five trailers each trailer was capable of
carrying 25 tons of supplies for a total payload of 150 tons the 24 wheeled
vehicle can be operated by a four-man crew not only did it not need paved
roads to cross the Alaskan tundra it could cross rivers up to 4 feet deep as
well another model of the Overland train is
the tortoise train the main intention was being able to handle logistics needs
without being dependent on local Road or rail systems allowing them to operate in
backcountry areas the US Army had three experimental units built the largest
reaching almost 600 feet long which holds the record for the longest
off-road vehicle today this model has so many applications but
significantly it is used by the US Army and off-road operations it is ten feet
tall with huge wheels as powerful generators the torna train is a sixteen
by sixteen vehicle with one locomotive and it can move with three trailers it
is capable of handling 45 tons of load the control cab itself is articulated
into two compartments obviously the first main compartment is the driving
area in the front and the rear section containing 600 horsepower diesel engines
a generator and fuel tanks the cab also sported a power to crane on the rear number six zi l to nine zero six the zi
l to nine zero six or the zi l to nine zero six one as a screw driven
amphibious craft from the russian zi l vehicle manufacturer the vehicle was
designed to recover re-entered Soyuz space capsules from difficult terrain it
was carried on the back of a zi L for 9:06 which had a top speed of 80
kilometers per hour until it reached terrain impassable for the latter at
this point the CI L two nine zero six would be unloaded and resumed the search z il-2 9:06 is a screw driven vehicle
designed to be used with a Z il for 9:06 Bluebird this Z il vehicle is capable to
go places where almost no other vehicle can go it can run smoothly on the roads
which is full of ice also it can do miracles by running on water too even
further there is the CIL to 9:06 which was used by the astronauts after
landing this vehicle weighs 4,400 pounds but the maximum speed of 16 km/h on
water 12 miles per hour on swamp and on snow its maximum speed is 28 miles per
hour number 5 Vidia SDT 30 the vidi as DT 30 first
produced in 1986 which has to load carrying areas one on the front in the
other section on the articulated unit this vehicle is fully amphibious on
water it is propelled by its amazing tracks the other version of this model
is the DT 30 with the single flat bed cargo body it’s the original vehicle in
the series due to its high load and bail capacities the vehicle could be used on
anywhere in any climate conditions the greatest benefit of this vehicle is
its effective use in search-and-rescue operations carried out in rough
conditions such as those and natural disasters it is very helpful in
evacuating people and animals from affected regions and in supplying rescue
equipment in food the vehicle is powered by a v-shaped
12-cylinder multi-fuel diesel engine the four-stroke engine generating 710
horsepower was developed from those used on the t-64 main battle tank a preheater
facilitates the start of the engine at temperatures as low as negative 50
degrees Celsius number forms Ford platinum James Fleckenstein unveiled his new Ford
platinum mega truck at rednecks the 2011 Super Duty was a silver flood damage
truck that was in good condition so James grabbed it and proceeded to
transform it into this replica 2016 shadow black beast this beast has 6.7 L
power stroke engines now this insanely big 4 Platinum is ready to rock on the
roads as a king the main thing which makes it incredible
is its huge tires of 65 inches and are genuinely massive the subframe was a
masterpiece courtesy of DMD off road while pro fab case has dual coil over
springs this beast is surrounded by front and rear cameras with LED lighting
and internal as well as external sound systems number three Sin City hustler Jennifer
the 31 year old marketing professional and Brad a 38 year old fabrication and
design professional first decided to build the massive truck as a challenge
for their business and because it has never been done before the Sin City
hustler was measured in an aircraft hangar at last stop in White Hills
Arizona and it was confirmed to be an enormous 9.8 meters long the custom-made
vehicle stands at 3.6 meters tall weighs a hefty 15,000 pounds about the same as
a bull elephant and can accommodate 12 passengers the truck took 15 months to
complete it was built to serve as a limousine for Las Vegas tourists and is
currently operated by Russ man the Sin City hustler packs a powerful 750
horsepower engine but owing to its considerable weight it only has a
maximum speed of around 45 miles per hour number two snowcat 7:43 the Tucker sno-cat is a family of
tracked vehicles that are specifically designed for snow conditions it is
manufactured in Medford Oregon different models have been used for expeditions in
the Arctic and the Antarctic during the second half of the 20th century it
differs from other truck sized snow vehicles it is best for snowy areas thus
calmly known as the snow caps by its use of four independently mounted sets of
tracks one of the Tucker sno-cat seven for three’s was returned to the UK and
is currently displayed in the London Science Museum another of the same
expedition snow cats is on display at the Antarctic section of the Canterbury
Museum in Christchurch New Zealand number one the Marauder the Marauder is
an armoured mine protected vehicle that is produced by paramount group in South
Africa it was launched during the 2007 international defence exposition
conference and nobuta by the largest arms expedition in the Middle East the
Marauder is rugged and robust with excellent cross-country agility and
speed it is designed to handle up to 4.5 tons of payload this vehicle offers
outstanding flexibility in the choice of weapons and mission specific equipment
it was originally designed to operate an urban built-up and confined areas it is
smaller in both size and weight in the matador a similarly armored vehicle the
available vehicle configurations is either 4×4 or 6×6 the Marauder has a
cruising speed of around 100 to 120 kilometers per hour thanks for watching
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