5 CHEAP Sleeper Cars You Should Be Afraid To Race Against

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video make sure to subscribe for more automotive content. Let’s begin. First cheap sleeper is the 2006 Chevy Impala
SS. This is a car that kept the old school 1960s tradition of inserting a powerful motor
in a car that really didn’t seem like a it had any business carrying one. Between the
regular Impala and the SS there isn’t much of a styling difference on the outside. The
SS has bigger wheels, diamond pattern grille inserts, bright exhaust tips and a small wing
and that’s about it. You can easily make it more of a sleeper by removing the SS badges
and you’re secret will be safe until you decide to floor it at the next traffic light. But
in order to floor it without getting embarrassed you need a car that can perform and thats
exactly what the Impala SS does thanks to it’s 5.3L V8 engine that produces 303 HP and
323 lb-ft of torque. The Impala SS is able to complete a 0-60 run in around 5.5 seconds,
and can sprint a quarter mile in the high 13 seconds and low 14 seconds. Plenty to like
about those numbers but there are things that might turn off some car enthusiast. A manual
transmission isn’t available, and instead you’re left with a an 4 speed automatic
along with FWD. In Fact it uses GM’s front drive W body platform that is the basis for
the Buck Lacrosse, the Pontiac Grand Prix and Monte Carlo. But what about torque steering?
You see normally when you have a front wheel drive car with a powerful engine you might
experience the front wheels turn either left or right upon takeoff. But thankfully Chevy
had programmed the traction control to counter the loss of grip making torque steering on
the Impala SS practically non-existent. You can buy one these for as low at 5K. The next cheap sleeper is the 2006 Mazdaspeed6.
Definitely a car that carries stealthy performance but sadly was heavily underrated and unappreciated
during it’s 2 year cycle. Maybe because Mazda choose not to run many campaign ads. The marketing
for the Speed6 just sucked. It’s a well put together car if you ask me. It’s quick but
also has its civilized side and posses plenty of room for the family inside. The Speed6
comes equipped with a 2.3L Direct injection turbocharged 4 cylinder engine that produces
274 HP and 280lb-ft of torque. Thanks to it’s power and all wheel drive system the Speed6
can achieve a 0-60mph run in around 5.5 seconds and can run the ¼ Mile in around 14 seconds.
Best of all is that it comes equipped with manual gearbox, in fact no automatic version
was offered at the time. Kind of shows you what type of demographic Mazda was going for.
Of course thanks to it’s AWD the Speed6 specializes in traction but it also features a multimode
active torque system that places the car in one of three drive modes automatically based
on how your car is performing in it’s given environment. Top it off with a limited slip
differential and you got a very capable car. And did you know that this car and the 4 cylinder
ECOboost ford mustang might have something in common? You know that engine Ford claimed
to have been working on for years? Hmmmmmm. Other than a few tweaks and relocation of
some parts to the ECOboost engine, they might actually be the same. Other than the big 18
inch wheels and the cute little spoiler, it looks nearly identical to the regular Mazda
6 making this a perfect sleeper car. Best part is you can find them for around 6K with
decent amount of miles on them. If you need a speedfix get the speedsix. Ok that was cheesy
moving on 3rd car on the list is the 2003 Jaguar XJR.
I know I know. Some people might not agree with me that the XJR is a sleeper car. Sure
it doesn’t look slow by any means but it also doesn’t look like it can tear up most cars
on the street with ease. What do you think, can the Jaguar XJR pass off as a sleeper?
This car here packs a punch and reveals it’s true identity when you floor all while keeping
you very comfortable inside thanks to its air suspension that was fitted all around
providing adaptive damping as well as rear self leveling. You also get some killer standard
features like heated front and rear seats, a heated steering wheel, a power rear sunblind,
an Alpine audio system and radar based adaptive cruise control. And best of all is the engine
that it carries. It’s a 4.2L supercharged engine that produces 400HP and 399lb-ft of
torque. It can do a 0-60mph in as low as 4.7 seconds and the ¼ in the mid 13 seconds.
That’s pretty fast now can you imagine how fast that was back in 2003? One of the reason
the XJR can move so quickly is thanks to it’s all aluminum structure which at the time made
it much lighter than its competitors. Not only is the XJR very quick off the line but
it can easily morph from double to triple digits at unbelievable speed. Just know that
if you’re looking to buy a XJR reliability and maintenance can be a concern as most used
Jaguars can be. I mean there is a reason this car retailed for around 80K when it came out
and now you can find them for as low as 8K with around 100K miles on it. You’ve been
warned 4th cheap sleeper car is the 2007 Lexus IS350.
This is pretty much Japan’s version of the BMW’s 3 series without being noticeably.
It perfectly camouflages in the body of the more commonly seen IS250. While sadly only
the smaller IS250 offers a manual transmission the IS350 does offer wheel mounted paddle
shifts to give those looking for more of an engaging driving experience. When it comes
to performance the IS350 comes equipped with a 3.5L V6 that produces 306HP and 277lb-ft
of torque, can perform a 0-60mph in just under 5 seconds. According to Road and Track they
were able to achieve 4.9 while other less reputable sources were able to achieve 4.7
seconds. You get speed without having to sacrifice comfortability. And of course Reliability.
I mean it is Lexus after all. It does come in a RWD and thanks to it’s rack and pinion
steering gears helps provide linear steering response, precise control and better straight
line stability. And because the exhaust note practically absent the IS350 provides quite
acceleration which makes it that much more of a sleeper. I mean what is there not to
like? You get a fast car, with a sleeper body of an IS250, comfortable seats that are perfectly
adjustable, the reliability of Toyota, and high safety scores. As an article on Jalopnik
put it. A Sleeper that won’t kill you. Most of them sell for a little over 10K but I was
able to find many for just under 9K with around 120K miles on it. 5th and final cheap sleeper car is the 2006
Honda Accord V6 EX sedan. While this car looks a bit bland in the looks the department it’s
a very fun car to drive. I mean that’s kind of what a sleeper is isn’t it. With so many
many accords out on the road this car can easily become forgettable and unnoticeable.
But what really turns this car into a sleeper is the option of 6 speed manual transmission.
I personally drove one of these before and was able to chirp tires shifting into 3rd
gear. Sadly I believe there were only 2 years where there offered the manual transmission
for the V6 Accord sedan making them a little more challenging to find. Moving on to performance,
the Accord comes equipped with a 3L V6 VTech engine that produces 244HP and 211lb-ft of
torque. It can sprint from 0-60mph in around 5.9 seconds while the numbers don’t really
sound that impressive back in 2006 this was considered pretty fast. I mean even today
that Accord would win against many ricers on the road. If you can find yourself a manual
V6 EX Sedan just know you’re in for a good time. The Accord has many years of if refinement,
you get 5 star overall crash safety scores and it’s no secret that the Accord consistently
holds top honors in the long term reliability studies. You can easily find them for just
under 6K and if you want 6speed manual version you pay a few thousand dollars more. This
is perfect for a family car that offers all the practicality features you need while still
having the fun to keep things interesting. Remember guys 500 likes, and I’ll create a
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