5 Cars You Should Never Buy

rev up your engines, today by popular
demand I’m gonna talk about five cars that are sold in the United States that
I feel shouldn’t be sold here now the first of these five terrible cars is the
Fiat 500 now in 1983 Fiat left the American market and as far as I’m
concerned they should have stayed away but of course Fiat bought Chrysler the
bottom in 2009 and then two years later they brought the Fiat 500 in after a
short period of time they had sold quite a few of these Fiat 500 but they spent a
ton in advertising on it and one year they actually sold about 45,000 of these
things but the last year I check hey they sold less than 4,000 of them for a whole
year the original Fiat 500 had a 13
horsepower edge and Pennock ago 53 miles an hour at top speed
it was the drive around city Italian car so you could drive around Rome and stuff
where there’s no parking spaces now granted the modern Fiat 500 has a
hundred and one horsepower engine but for the American market hey underpowered
and their tiny little cars but they’re not well built tiny little cars I always
laughed when they had all those ads on TV and they said they show the Fiat 500s
like they’re leaving Italy and they drive under the ocean they come up on
the shores of the United States well my dad said hey Scotty you should make a
joke about that he said actually most of the Fiat 500 sold in the United States
were produced in Mexico so they should have them floating over the Rio Grande
on inner tubes or something I thought that was a pretty good comment but
really there are poorly made vehicles my customers with them they had engines
blow up they had transmission failures they had cooling system failures they
weren’t well made cars you watch a bunch of them going around you don’t run right
at the time you see them smoking out the exhaust they’re just not that well made
vehicles when you can get smaller toyotas or Honda why would you pay the
same kind of money for this little Fiat 500 take one ride in it and it’s
like this thing rides horrible I’m going back in
my Lexus as far as I’m concerned
they failed again from when I’ve read fiat is even thinking about taking all
their Fiat brands out of the United States again and just saw the Fiat slash
Chrysler versions that have Fiat engines and transmissions in them but not the
name Fiat itself and I agree take them all the way another car that they
shouldn’t sell in the United States is a Mitsubishi Mirage there’s something for
you the name Mirage it’s kind of telling you the car is a mirage of a good car
not the real thing now in 2019 they still call it the Mitsubishi Mirage and
really the cheaply made cars realize when they call them dodge Colts they
were a cheaper to buy car too you kind of knew where your again you paid a lot
less than for a runaround car that could be okay but they were a typical
Mitsubishi product Mitsubishi has always made cheaper engine parts I remember
over the years tons of my customers who bought
Mitsubishi they got to be older they started burning oil like mad some of
them plumes of smoke came out they just put cheaper piston rings into things you
think something as critical as a piston rings which I pay expensive would be
well made but no they made them bad so tons of them turned into giant oil
burners in the 2019 model Mitsubishi Mirage it’s only got 78 horsepower
there are plenty better built cars out there for the price of one of those sure
they’re a bottom-line car but there’s a lot better stuff out there I just wish
they stopped selling those things myself historically they haven’t been great
cars and they really aren’t improved all that much I’d stay away the next vehicle
I worship didn’t sell in the United States is a Jeep Compass compact SUV the
Jeep decided to start building in 2007 originally the compasses were made in
Illinois but of course now all the production for the American and European
versions come from Mexico not a land known for quality production and since
fiat took over guess what the quality’s gone even further down as far as I’m
concerned they’ve always had a problem of automatic transmissions with Jeeps
and in these compasses they have all kinds of problems it doesn’t matter if
you got the automatic transmission or the CVT transmissions they are just
problem transmissions out of customers one couldn’t even make it from
Houston to Dallas 4-hour Drive if you’re going slow the transmission blow up I’m
on the thing and I saw engines go out on them they just don’t have the quality
they’re using the name Jeep and they’re making a cheap vehicle making it smaller
and trying to sell it to cover a whole market of things that really I don’t
think they should have got involved in in the first place it should stop so I’m
in the United States the quality these things that are made in Mexico not too good
oh that’s real car wish they didn’t sell United States is a Nissan Altima decades
ago the Nissan Altimas we’re solid reliable transportation cars back in the
90s I had customers they get to 300,000 pretty much trouble-free miles out of
those tanks since Renault took over a Nissan family yes you have the engines
blowing up blowing head gaskets and their transmission failure is really one
of the highest in the world especially with those horrendous jet Coe CVT
transmissions I swear practically every customer of mine who bought a Nissan
Altima with the CVT that CVT transmission went out if they had it for
a certain amount of years and it cost so much to fix those CVT transmissions
correctly they all either junked the cars or just trade in a min now in 2019
Nissan put the Altima on their semi autonomous driving list these things
have enough problems when a human is driving them I certainly personally
would not trust one of those things to drive me around itself and it’s a shame
cuz the altimas used to be great cars but no longer stay away from Nissan
Altimas if you value your money another big car to stay away from is the
Audi a4 Quattro I wish they never brought it into United States I feel
sorry for my customers who owned them and had to spend a lot of money or then
just traded them in lost a fortune when I got rid of the things now you can
get them in two-wheel drive or all-wheel drive these days it’s bad enough with a
two-wheel drive you’re adding all that complexity other German design all-wheel
drive you’re just asking for problems as they age, one of my old next-door
neighbors years ago it was a corporate lawyer he had one and it was a manual
transmission and believe it or not the thing blew up when he was driving at
down a road went ahead like 30,000 miles it just blew up understand
transmissions and those things are much better made than their automatic
transmissions they got those very complex dual clutch automatic
transmissions that Volkswagen of course owns audience had nothing but problems
with I know it’s four-cylinder 2-liter turbocharged engines with the turbos
brake on them they blow head gaskets they burn oil I have seen so many
problems with those cars I had a customer a month ago bought one you
2,500 bucks for thought he got a deal they brought to me since it seems to be
burning oil so I said yeah it’s burning oil I pulled the spark plugs off they’re
all covered with carbon so I decided to take a compression rating on the engine
made let’s decide the compression was very low showing if the piston rings are
worn out I mean if you want a fast zippy car and you really got to have one lease
one you lease a new one the repairs are on them it’s under warranty you know
exactly how much money you’re gonna lose because if you actually bought one and
then sold them when it was three or four years old you would lose tons more money
than you would if you would just leased the car because their values plummet
like a rock going down Niagara Falls the GDI high pressure fuel pump goes
gasoline direct injection they’re notorious for failing causing a lot of
hesitation and they just are not very well built vehicles and their list price
for a 2019 37 thousand four hundred dollars you’re not giving these things
away hey you want to zip me a little kind of goes around yeah get yourself up
Honda Civic type-r something like that does even zippier more fun to drive and
it won’t break down all the time like the Audi does signing all five cars I
wish they didn’t sell in the United States anymore perhaps nobody will buy
them and then they’ll stop selling them here, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell