Good afternoon guys. We’re still outside
Livingston, Montana and drove up to Pine Creek Campground and…. Parked in the day use area and it’s time for the much overdue…. I’m gonna call it a brief tour
of our new expedition vehicle. Forgive my voice…
Somehow I’ve started losing it the past couple days but… That’s just real life!
But yeah! This is it!! What do you think guys?…. So we’ve been running some errands
the past few days and we have made one observation…. This thing gets a lot of
attention!… Everybody comes up and talks to you… We have yet to go to a parking
lot, where someone doesn’t give us a thumbs up or stop by to ask about the
vehicle. Or want to look at it or just talk about it…. She’s very popular!…. You
know the funny thing is…. I’d say three-quarters of everybody that’s come
up to us so far, they ask how much it costs! I don’t know if that’s just human
curiosity or what? So we’re honest. We’re honest with you guys….
$88,000… Thank you very much! Easy enough… Okay guys! Well there’s a method to my madness. We’re gonna start with the box! We’re the third
owners. It’s a 13 foot box with steel frame and aluminium walls. And there is
plenty of insulation in the walls! Three house batteries, cassette toilet, acrylic
windows. So they’re dual pane so we shouldn’t get any of that condensation.
Nice beefy bumper, a big full-size spare, nice little spot to tie the dog
off in the shade…. How you doing bugger? Okay…. Here’s the garage and…So this is
what we’ve been doing guys for the past three days! Is literally getting
everything organized…. Yeah, we’re not going to go through all this stuff but…
Hey, outdoor cooking time!…And working our way around on both rear quarters. There’s
aluminium toolboxes. This truck originally had dual rear wheels. These are super
singles. I really like that because rocks will get stuck in there. And then the
earth Cruiser leaf springs… 2 thirty gallon fuel tanks. Got two windows on
this side… No pass-through yet! That will be coming soon…
But this engine is so clean! Like you could eat lunch off of it guys!…. Working
our way around… So heated mirrors as well…. That was pretty cool!
A stock bumper and you’ll notice it’s definitely in need of some accessories!
And I think that’s pretty awesome because we’ll have plenty of
opportunities to customise it ourselves! I was a little nervous about these
stairs I will admit! Particularly because you
have to take them off and put them inside. And I wasn’t sure how steady they would!
Not bad at all…. They’re really not! I can lift them up and put them in the
back of the truck myself and get them out. And they’re super easy to unfold and
put into their little latches…. Two things… I think we would like to get some stairs
that slide out and then just come down. And then also just a couple rungs of a
ladder… Yeah! So you know when you’re in a parking lot, you can just jump right in!
Well guys, welcome to living in 78 square feet! This is very tiny! I joked around
with Dave…”That dude you used to wide-angle lens we took all the photos
to this place! But it’s totally awesome! We’re good, we’re happy!…. And everything fit!…
Yes! Well not everything but…. Almost…
This is our dinette! Nice and efficient… We still are doing some organization
stuff here…. A couple noteworthy things… You have the control panel here. And
behind here is more storage and charge controllers and inverter and all that
stuff…. On this side, this one’s kind of unique… And I honestly say…We have to change pretty soon…Yeah, we’re not
in love with it! It would be ideal for like week-ending or maybe if you’re like
camping in a truck but… The refrigerator is that one of the solely 12-volt only
12 volt ahh… Refrigerators and it’s like an ice chest!…It’s like what you get on a boat…
Yeah!..Which is cool but… I think for full…The practicality of getting
in and out every day of the refrigerator is not sensible for full time living…That’s exactly it… Full-time living!…. Next up our bathroom…
Ben calls it the master bath…. Yes! Because it has a throne!… I must report. it
has incredible water pressure! That was one thing that I was a little nervous
about… We did switch out to our oxygen ex shower head in between that. And the
incredible hot water! There’s some really nice showers in here!…. And we’re still
getting used to the whole cassette toilet thing. But it is gonna work out
just fine! I like it so far, it’s not horrible… But it just takes some getting
used to the differences. I did order a bamboo mat for the floor as well so…
That’ll look different here pretty soon! It’ll get dialled in over the next few
weeks… It will… One step over!… Yeah… A whole like foot and a half over… Is our kitchen!
It’s five feet in length. We have a diesel-powered glass-top stove her… And
the bungee cords are on the cabinet for a reason we found out…Yeah!…
If you follow us on social media, you’ll know why! And all the baskets from
Michael’s… Mm-hmm…. Great deal if you need baskets guys! Go to Michael’s or Joanne’s…
It really made it so that we could fit a lot more in here and organize it. So that
you can actually find stuff and pull it out quickly…. Yep!
This one has most of our personal stuff down here… Shelby, Ben, Becky…Ahhh… Dried fruits, some spices, vitamins… Just because it’s in the kitchen doesn’t mean everything
kitchen is going in this cabinets…. Well when your kitchen sink is your bathroom sink, you
got to put some bathroom stuff in here! And…. You know, when you’re dealing with space this small, why have two sinks?…. Yeah! You only need one!…. But one of the things that made me really happy when we got here… This sink looked really small in
the pictures. It’s really deep!…. Yeah, it’s like a big old kettle… Yeah and I
actually love it because it doesn’t splash up. And there’s plenty of room to
wash dishes and great water pressure again! Alright downstairs cabinets…. I actually
love this sliding drawer!… Yep!… And I’m really happy with how we gotten
everything organized in here…. We even have a little room to spare up top. Then
you can see kind of the infrastructure of the diesel cook top…. Alright! Last
kitchen cabinet…. Cleaning supplies and another drawer with food and… Stuff… Stuff!
Yep! We’ve got a little trash can here… This is a big wall with hooks on it!
We have our… Fan switches and thermostat there…. And then right underneath the bed is this neat little cubby…. We’re thinking in the future putting another 40 ounce
of water right there… But for now, Shelby loves this little space!…. Queen-size bed
which is huge guys! That’s a big one. Not a lot of vehicles have Queens. Some of
these have full beds!… We have cabinets up here, lighting’s horrible…. We have our
clothes in now! But all-in-all, a very comfortable
sleeping area….Hey there?..You don’t plan on spending the night here right?..We just wanted to make sure because this is a non camping area… Are you the host? Yes…. Okay…But we like your RV..This is awesome! Thanks! We just came to take some
pictures… Okay! Well let’s get started on the truck chassis itself…. This is a 2007
Mitsubishi Fuso FG140 4×4 ahhh…My understanding is that the
original intentions of this truck and chassis were to like work on
construction sites and… Mines and industrial locations for the four-wheel
drive. And just getting around! And… Has a 4.9 litre diesel engine…. Couple key
points: No ultra-low sulphur diesel requirement and no diesel exhaust fluid!
That’s why we’re looking for something a little bit older and 2007 fit the bill!
So in an effort to try and make this as graceful as possible, I’ve been always
remembering… Right foot, left foot, in! Because if you get the wrong foot, you just totally
stumble all around!… A couple of really nice points… Power windows, power locks…
We have intentions of getting a keyless entry, maybe like a starter interrupt and
maybe even an auto start at some point! Four wheel drive high and low range
right here…. Instrument cluster… Exhaust brake ahhh..I forget the exact name… This is all new to me but this is like a high idle Am/Fm CD player, air conditioning…
Speaking of which, it’s bloody hot in here! And you have to be in neutral to start…
Purrs like a kitten! This cools things down! Shelby has a nice little spot on the
middle seat… There’s a little console there. Some storage behind the seat. And I actually have more than enough room! And I’m a big dude in the seat….Previous
owner had this little platform…. Constructed…. I think I kind of liked it…It’s kind of convenient….
Yeah!…. I was a little worried because the few seats I’d tried out weren’t very
comfortable. And this…. It’s so comfortable we can drive around the world and really
enjoy ourselves!…. So the one thing I really want to point out, notice how
quiet it is in here? I was a little concerned that we might not be able to
vlog inside the vehicle. But this is awesome!… So the truck has a five-speed
manual transmission. Number one is a complete granny gear. So you always just
take off in two but seriously… It rides so well! We were a little concerned and
on the ride… No concerns at all! I do feel like a school bus driver you know this
angle on the steering wheel…. We’re super high up like…. Look at this
view in the vantage point you have up here! Pretty amazing!…. We will definitely
be doing a full tour later on of all of the systems and how everything works but…
Everybody’s been really anxious to see what we moved into so we wanted to be
sure to share it and… Now Ben is gonna send the drone up and
have a look around here…. So be sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE button
if you haven’t already. Because we’re driving this thing around the world!!….