3D Printing Car Parts in ABS for Hellcat at SEMA 2017 – Rear Spoiler, Episode 1

Hi, its October 18th and SEMA is right around
the corner. Incase you have not heard of SEMA, it is the
biggest car show in the world. On October 31st, Airwolf 3D will be joining
150,000 fellow automotive enthusiasts at the Las Vegas Convention Center. With SEMA less than two weeks away the Wolfpack
is making full use of the huge build platform on our AXIOM 20’s to 3D print really big ABS
parts very fast. Such as this rear spoiler, we 3D printed this
rear spoiler in ABS parts held together by dowels. Once this part has been tested for fit, form
and function we will go ahead and 3D print it at a higher resolution. Then we will primer it, sand it, paint it
and ultimately mount it on my Dodge Challenger SRT, otherwise known as the Red Hellcat. These big ABS parts are only possible due
to the huge enclosed build chamber on the AXIOM 20. Come and see this and other amazing 3D printed
modifications to the Hellcat at booth number 15011 at the Westgate Section of the Las Vegas
Convention Center. See you soon!