385397 ScanHUB IICDC 2018 Pitch

In this fast developing world, We are quite
busy to take care of our lovable ones. Human is considered to be ultimate in evolution,
but he would not be aware of the sudden change in health organs. Development in science and technology has
developed many gadgets to monitor health conditions. Yet they are not cost efficient to be available
to everyone and some of them are considered not to be as user friendly. And the gadget just monitors a single organ
of the body or limited response at a time. Heart attacks and other severe traumas are
hard to identify and protect the valuable life. So we are here to suggest our device which
could be helpful for the above problem and it is called to be…. Scan(H)UB. Our device is composed of three parts that
could monitor, Respiration, Haemoglobin, Heartbeat monitoring. The device is designed to be cost efficient
and in case of danger, audio guidance is provided. The device is integrated with mobile account
and data is stored securely in cloud storage. So over period of time, patient’s health
history could be retrieved anytime. As the data is processed in real time, it
is sure helpful to monitor person’s health condition. The device would be useful for needy like,
patients, elderly ones, physically challenged ones and the children at age 5-15. This would be a great step in Healthcare,
which creates a hospital environment at our very own place – HOME…!