364825_AI Based Smart Helmet Wearing System_IICDC 2018 pitch

Team ID – 364825 Hello Everyone! Our project is about AI based
Helmet Wearing System. We are from Knowledge Institute of Technology, Salem
and our team members are Mahadhir Mohammed, Anitha S, Kavya ST and Lokesh S Did you know that a hundred and thirty million motorbikes are riding on Indian roads 3.2 million ride in Bangalore alone Bikers without helmets are a common sight Nearly 90 bikers die of head injuries each day Helmets are just not as popular as bikes. Safe biking Advertisements just don’t work This video shows the difference between
accidents with helmet and without helmet It clearly explains what our product deals
with and the major problem that we are trying to solve. Thus the solution
that we are working on is AI based helmet wearing system Our project has a camera module that
captures the image of the rider and sends the continuous image output to the
image processing tool Here we are using the MATLAB which compares the image
taken by the camera and the images already fed in the MATLAB. The output of
that comparison is sent to the microcontroller and the processor. When
the rider turns on the bike the engine starts up only when the comparison is
matched If not, the controller turns off the engine thereby preventing the bike
from moving So if you don’t wear the helmet, the bike won’t start No Helmet! No Ride! Hence our product can
save many lives from death and from brain injury Once brain cells are
damaged it can never be replaced So wearing helmet is very important. Each human life is valuable and we earnestly know the worth of it We interacted nearly with seven customers and they gave us the feedback
about our idea. We sincerely thank our Professor V Vijitha for supporting us
and for guiding us in implementing our idea into this life saving project. And we
thank IICDC and myGov for giving us an opportunity in provoking our Idea. Thank you!