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just rigorous hi i am randy massey with l and h auto body and i’d like to explain some things that
we do at l and h different from other repair facilities other concerns for the most common
concerns that we deal with one of the most uh… requested explanation of of repair concern is the paint match how the uh… the new paint for the national
g_o_p_ especially colors like for lessons for their own onion cars and do waterborne auto body paint systems we have at the same systems that uh… the factory pay-per-view
switzerland but the matches unbelievable invite thirty five plus years of even the
collision business this is the best pain product i’ve ever
seen in the best carmax and invisible repair uh… procedures other i’ve ever been
involved with next week most requested uh… instantly before it is is to be able to drive right at the u_n_
really reporters suspension damage with the new technology with the laser
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used to have concerns with really went by the wayside this fall down to a
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factory specs in fact there to nafta lectures that when they
go on our frame racks and we do have apparently come out in closer tolerances
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the integrity put into new models vehicles with the
new equipment and that’s what i wanted to us