3 Most Common Reasons for Car Engine Overheating | AUTODOC

Parts can obviously break over time, so engine overheating is a problem that any driver may face. But take it easy. Don’t rush to use a fire extinguisher. First, open your bonnet and inspect the parts of the engine cooling system. To be on the safe side, regularly examine all coolant hoses for cracks. Tempting as it may seem, don’t try to remove the cap of the coolant reservoir right after you’ve popped the bonnet. If the coolant level in the reservoir is too low, top it up. Make sure you use the right type of antifreeze, because different kinds don’t mix well. That is why you need to read the packaging carefully and remember that different coolants come in different colours. If the coolant often runs low, it can be a sign that there’s a leak in the cooling system. Your best bet is to get help at a garage, as the cooling system parts need to be checked thoroughly.